Translation of perforate in Spanish:


perforar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpəːfəreɪt//ˈpərfəˌreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • The cell wall is usually delicately ornamented and perforated by minute holes.
    • Many of the victims' eardrums have been perforated because of the noise.
    • Its buildings are wooden huts perforated by bullet holes.
    • One of the stab wounds had perforated his heart.
    • During the routine operation, her bowel was perforated.
    • From shoes to gloves to bags, it's no secret that perforated leather is in.
    • In rare cases the eardrum will become perforated (a hole will form in it), and pus will then be seen running out of the ear.
    • Instead, clusters of pits located almost anywhere along the vessel have perforated or porose pit membranes.
    • The muscle is incorporated because it acts as a vehicle for perforating blood vessels that supply the overlying skin and fat and that originate from the deep inferior epigastric artery.
    • A possible explanation was that part of the disc being removed had perforated the artery - there was no suggestion that any surgical implement had caused the damage.
    • If there is fluid around the structure the appendix may have perforated.
    • Here, stiff strips of paper have been tinted a dull green or brown by a chlorophyll wash and perforated with a hole punch.
    • Frozen in place, he noted how the red costume was perforated with holes of varying sizes, and that the flesh beneath was a sickly gray.
    • The page will also be perforated with the holder's image.
    • His image perforated my train of thoughts for couple of hours.
    • At one end it is equipped either with a finely woven basket-work bulb or one of metal perforated with minute holes, so as to prevent the particles of the tea leaves from being drawn up into the mouth.
    • Typically, the instrument has seven finger holes and one thumb hole together with a flaring bell, often perforated by several sound holes.
    • The ring and disk were perforated by ten holes each, and gravity tended to align the holes ten times per revolution.
    • It's a uniquely hard limestone that can be perforated in a way, he says, that no other limestone can.
    • One side of each box is perforated with small holes and the opposite side is an open, plain square of light.