Translation of performance in Spanish:


representación, n.

Pronunciation /pərˈfɔrməns//pəˈfɔːm(ə)ns/


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    • 1.1Cinema Music Theatre

      Theatre representación feminine
      Theatre función feminine
      Cinema función feminine
      (by circus, cabaret artist) número masculine
      (by circus, cabaret artist) espectáculo masculine
      the band/trio will give no more performances in Rome el grupo/trío no volverá a presentarse en Roma
      • the eight o'clock performance is sold out las entradas para la función de las ocho están agotadas
      • (live) in performance (actuando) en directo
      • The performances - matinees and evenings most days - will take place within the Tower's courtyards and its gardens near the main house.
      • I would like to thank the young people who worked to put on a wonderful performance of Sound of Music at the Wyvern.
      • His radical idea was that whatever sounds listeners heard during the performance constituted the music.
      • Traditional recreation involves storytelling and performances of music, dance, and song.
      • When was the last time you sat down in your own home to listen to a full performance of a piece of music, with no other distractions?
      • Though it took many years to establish the technique of sound on film, live music accompanied public performances.
      • The dancers present two performances a day - one at around noon and the other at around 8: 00 pm.
      • It is dedicated to presenting concerts and performances with a meaning.
      • Another commonality between the two stage divas is an emphasis on theatre standards as dramatic performances, not merely nice old songs.
      • All these elements work to infuse a strong sense of being present at the performance for the film spectator.
      • Dances and songs often accompanied the performances.
      • It features recordings of performances by the junior and chamber choirs and also instrumental music and solo performances by a number of accomplished musicians and singers.
      • He has appeared as a chamber musician with many singers and instrumentalists and has taken part in first performances of many contemporary music pieces.
      • At the same time it poses the most fundamental questions about what matters in a performance of a piece of music.
      • The production includes a large cast with performances in music, dance, song and comedy.
      • The concert was the fourth in a series of evening performances organised by the Trustees during 2003.
      • The show follows the traditional plot of the fairytale story but with plenty of comedy and slapstick to keep the crowds entertained for both evening and matinee performances.
      • Also included in the lineup was a jazz night and on Wednesday night music lovers enjoyed performances which fused classical and trad sounds.
      • There, pageants and performances could be presented against the authentic background of Clifford's Tower and the Castle Museum buildings.
      • As if that was not enough they also had to find a way to impress the judges with a two-minute performance set to a piece of music of their own choice.
      • Highly stylized dramatic performances were accompanied by music.
      • Although these veteran jazzmen take their music seriously, humor plays a role in their performances.
      • Each disc contains three complete music performances, some of which we only see pieces of during the episodes.
      • Its popularity in 1948 with both schoolchildren and adults saw the Blossom Street picture house bursting at the seams during matinees and evening performances for weeks on end.
      • Four of these were for performers who gave an original performance of a well-known piece of drama or music.
      • Schools would have to apply for entertainment licences if any performances were attended by members of the public not directly associated with the school or its pupils.
      • It also includes songs and live music performances, although the core of the show is still the Irish folk dance.
      • Back in the 17th and 18th centuries the only performances heard in complete silence were performances of sacred music.
      • A few tickets remain for the matinee performance at 1.30 pm Saturday but the evening performance is sold out.
      • When I visit on the last day of the symposium, the exhibition is accompanied by outdoor performances of songs and poems.

    • 1.2Cinema Music Theatre

      (of symphony, song) interpretación feminine
      (of play) representación feminine
      the twentieth performance of the play la vigésima representación de la obra
      • the first performance of the play el estreno de la obra
      • the first performance of Hamlet by a black actor la primera vez que un actor negro interpreta a Hamlet

    • 1.3Cinema Music Theatre

      (of actor) interpretación feminine
      (of actor) actuación feminine
      (of pianist, tenor) interpretación feminine
      (of entertainer) actuación feminine
      she won an Oscar for her performance in the lead role ganó un Oscar por su interpretación del papel protagónico / por su actuación en el papel protagónico

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    (of employee) rendimiento masculine
    (of employee) desempeño masculine Latin America
    (of student) rendimiento masculine
    (of team, athlete) actuación feminine
    (of team, athlete) desempeño masculine
    (of team, athlete) performance feminine Latin America
    (of machine, vehicle) comportamiento masculine
    (of machine, vehicle) performance feminine Latin America
    (of company) resultados masculine
    (of stocks) rendimiento masculine
    her performance in the polls/oral exam was good obtuvo buenos resultados en el sondeo/examen oral
    • a high-performance engine un motor de alto rendimiento
    • we have improved our overseas performance nuestros resultados en el extranjero han mejorado
    • The machines sharing the work usually come to have different performance capabilities.
    • It puts frequently accessed information into a high performance and a high capacity storage system.
    • Also, sealing was suspect, so performance dropped rapidly after use in the rain.
    • Technological advancements have delivered major gains in lighting performance.
    • Dublin remains a divided city in terms of academic performance.
    • I will measure performance in terms of achievement at the top line taking into account how much money we put behind the brands.
    • This technology offers improved assay performance as well as speed and automation in one system.
    • We tested to see if the increased performance met the theoretical speed boost.
    • The operator can notice changes in machine performance and handling to some degree.
    • In terms of overall retail performance, there was no suggestion that the retail sector was in crisis.
    • Only the latter two speed up performance while simultaneously enhancing data safety.
    • Policing performance targets set by the Government are stifling officers' ability to do their job, a report claims.
    • In this way, administrators can balance not just capacity but performance as well.
    • With this development, significant gains in performance seem to be within reach once again.
    • Second, performance collapses very rapidly once the tipping threshold is exceeded.
    • Can the people afford to trust the group with its record of failure in terms of performance and financial management?
    • A lot of the key building blocks are now in place but have yet to pay off in terms of performance.
    • Since improving health is the defining goal of the health system, we report performance in terms of that goal.
    • Police could lose money or be asked to resign if they don't meet strict performance targets set by the Greater Manchester force.
    • The first involves tuning existing structural fiber products to improve performance.
    • While the market's not racing away, it has been fairly solid in terms of performance.
    • Students believe that the College is hoping to improve academic performance during Michaelmas term.
    • By programming all functionality in the kernel, we can make gains in performance.
    • But local health chiefs were warned some of this extra money depends on them meeting tough performance targets.
    • They have been shown to enhance clinical performance in terms of drug dosing and preventive care.
    • These products deliver outstanding performance year after year and represent the ultimate in quality.
    • These drills are performed to develop cardio-vascular fitness and muscle power in terms of performance.
    • A small weight penalty is well worth it for the performance and durability solution gained.
    • As learners, they may perceive a benefit in terms of application to performance in senior years.
    • Not if you were raised on a steady diet of hot rods, muscle cars and performance vehicles.
    • Each organization will have its own tolerance level for speed and performance.
    • And that too maybe a very big contributor to why these kids are so good in terms of their mathematical performance.
    • The new franchise runs for eight years and nine months, with the final two years dependent on achieving performance targets.
    • Instead, it will rely on factors other than a faster clock speed to improve the performance of its chips.
    • The days of making huge gains in engine performance are behind us now.
    • The report measures the three key performance targets, which many hospitals across England and Wales failed to hit.
    • The most recent tests proved very positive in both performance and reliability terms.
    • Studies have shown that private pension funds provide the worst performance - even in terms of what they deliver on the stock market.
    • Will a slower speed device affect performance of a faster device if they are on the same channel?
    • This will protect it against further market gyrations, but will hamper performance long term.
  • 3formal

    (of function) ejercicio masculine
    (of function) desempeño masculine
    (of task) ejecución feminine
    (of task) realización feminine
    in the performance of his duties en el ejercicio / en el desempeño de sus funciones
    • They require diversion of considerable assets from performance of principal tasks.
    • How do you say it impairs their performance of their functions as judges?
    • The leader is a role model to the followers in respect of both task performance and ethical behaviour.
    • Judicial immunity promotes independence by allowing the fearless performance of the judicial function.
    • Their use in Britain, moreover, was often confined to the performance of a single task.
    • It is addressing a different realm of discourse, namely, performance of judicial functions.
  • 4informal

    (fuss, bother)
    it's such a performance getting the children to bed da tanto trabajo acostar a los niños
    • what a performance! ¡qué lata!
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    actuación feminine
    • The notion is intended to replace his dichotomy of competence and performance.