Translation of performer in Spanish:


actor, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈfɔːmə//pərˈfɔrmər/


  • 1

    Theatre actor masculine
    Theatre actriz feminine
    Cinema actor masculine
    Cinema actriz feminine
    Cinema (masculine and feminine) artista
    (masculine and feminine) (entertainer, artiste) artista
    (masculine and feminine) (of role, piece of music) intérprete
    all the performers in the show todas las personas que toman (/ tomaban etc. ) parte en el espectáculo
    • he is an impressive performer in debates se desempeña admirablemente en los debates
    • poor performers who are paid too much trabajadores (/ ejecutivos etc. ) que rinden poco y ganan demasiado
    • the new model is a lively performer el nuevo modelo tiene mucha garra
    • the firm has been one of this year's outstanding performers la compañía es de las que han obtenido mejores resultados este año
    • The excellence of the artists and performers was enhanced by the great food and wine.
    • She is the only girl in the acrobatic troupe, and at 17 the youngest of the performers.
    • For the next month the centre will play host to dozens of entertainers and performers.
    • Because of the young age of some of the performers, two casts will be taking part.
    • Arrangements are also underway for street performers to entertain the crowds.