Translation of peril in Spanish:


peligro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛrɪl//ˈpɛrəl//ˈpɛr(ə)l/


  • 1

    peligro masculine
    they are in great peril corren un gran peligro
    • he's in peril of his life su vida corre peligro
    • All city motorists have avoided the peril of six, eight or ten penalty points.
    • Some of the younger children learned the benefits of healthy eating and how fatty food affects the body, while older pupils were given the chance to learn about the perils of drink, drugs and cigarettes, and how medicine works.
    • Some of our favorite pieces help us remember that peril and despair breed hope, not helplessness.
    • The Hague Convention generally protects carriers by sea against the perils of the sea.
    • And then her son would have no choice but to face the greatest peril of his life.
    • So what mortal peril is going to be thrown at me next, then?
    • She had almost forgotten where she was, but as the clouds in her mind started to clear she begun to comprehend the perils of her situation.
    • But he is fully aware of the perils of arrogance and hubris, and he understands the dangers of predicating foreign policy on rhetoric and doctrine rather than reality and expertise.
    • Agitated behavior often develops abruptly and at times has potential for immediate peril.
    • He stated that the mother had brought her daughter into peril and now had an obligation to free her from that peril.
    • Concern is growing among humanitarian aid workers that about 100,000 people are now in imminent peril.
    • Let's hope this baby survives the perils of predators while it is unable to fly.
    • Owners are now changing their routes to avoid the perils of modern technology.
    • The thief was probably unaware of the stir that he had caused or that his actions had now put his life in serious peril.
    • Saunders called a timeout and considered his response to a situation fraught with peril.
    • But demolition work began earlier in October after the Advertiser first highlighted the very obvious perils of the building.
    • "Then you are a princess, and in mortal peril, " he gasped.
    • Is there enough time to avoid the obvious environmental perils of our age?
    • Let's have the villain kidnap the girl and place her in mortal peril!
    • To survive all of these perils you will need specially endowed, magical items.