Translation of period in Spanish:


periodo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪərɪəd//ˈpɪriəd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(interval, length of time)

      periodo masculine
      período masculine
      (when specifying a time limit) plazo masculine
      a two-year period un período de dos años
      • within a two-month period dentro de un plazo de dos meses
      • she is away on business for long periods pasa mucho tiempo fuera / pasa largos períodos fuera en viajes de negocios
      • for a period of five hours/12 months por un espacio de cinco horas/período de 12 meses
      • in such a short period (of time) en un espacio/en un período tan corto de tiempo
      • during her period in office durante el tiempo / período en que desempeñó el cargo
      • when he returned after a period of illness cuando regresó luego de una enfermedad
      • Unlike here, there has been a significant increase in supply following the long period of inactivity.
      • The prediction is based on the crimes committed so far in the period under review.
      • Benefits are usually offered after a six-month probationary period and backdated to the start of employment.
      • The file dates span the period between September 1996 and April 1997.
      • The 1980s were a hectic period in his personal life.
      • Hopefully, the pertinent questions will be asked after the initial period of mourning.
      • They are born in relatively short periods after long periods of social disintegration.
      • The survey covered the one-year period ending November, 2003.
      • These results show that spectacular gains may be made in relatively short periods from what may have seemed the least likely candidates.
      • They extend the grace period for the repayment of the loan till March 2006.
      • Both males and females undergo periods of inactivity from November until March.
      • On release from prison he will have to serve an extended two-year period on licence.
      • The fluvial sediments, however, represent rapid deposition in relatively short periods (days or months).
      • It is fascinating to relate aerial photographs to maps of all periods, especially on the coast where continuous erosion and deposits often show extravagant change over relatively short periods of time.
      • She hadn't left Hong Kong during the two-week incubation period, it said.
      • Generally, consumers have accepted the relatively short periods of 14 to 21 days for half or full gallons of milk.
      • One of the most enjoyable events in Bolivia is Carnival, the period preceding Lent.
      • Hauling and applying manure may require large blocks of time for relatively short periods throughout the year.
      • A military judge can extend the period of detention incommunicado up to 90 days.
      • After all, a new president enjoys a honeymoon period of three months at most.

    • 1.2(epoch)

      época feminine
      the Tudor period la época de los Tudor
      • the holiday period la época / temporada de vacaciones
      • that period of my life aquella época de mi vida
      • the author accurately conveys the atmosphere of the period la escritora refleja fielmente el ambiente de la época / del período
      • the postwar period la posguerra
      • The event, known as the Great Dying, occurred about 250 million years ago at the boundary between the Permian and Triassic periods.
      • Because of this, clay becomes progressively less common in older geological periods and is almost never found in Precambrian formations.
      • The Mesozoic era lasted from about 251 to 66 million years ago and includes the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.
      • This book shows the dynamic effects of the many periods of Pleistocene glacial advance and melting on the geology and topography of the northwestern United States.
      • We have additional information on the geological time periods along the top of the image.
      • Geological periods are defined with reference to a Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point.
      • The following table shows the three eras and eleven geological periods that comprise the Phanerozoic.
      • During the Cretaceous and the Tertiary periods large parts of the present subcontinent of India were flooded by multiple lava flows.
      • Most are restricted to one or two geologic periods, and a few contain only one genus.
      • Despite our lack of knowledge, or perhaps because of it, researchers have divided the Precambrian into three time periods called eons.
      • Evolutionists say these formations represent three different geological periods ranging from 35 to 245 million years.
      • Because the Miocene is closer to the present day than most other periods of geologic time, it is easier to see the effects of events, and to interpret patterns.
      • The right-hand column lists the six major epochs into which the periods are divided.
      • Extinctions have also occurred in all other periods of geological time.
      • The Great Dying occurred between the Permian and Triassic periods, when all of today's continents were concentrated in one great land mass called Pangea.
      • This was accompanied by the multistage emplacement of large intrusive bodies in the Cambrian, Ordovician, and Silurian periods.
      • Later geological periods show similar patterns of sudden appearance, stasis and persistent chasms of difference between major groups.
      • In contrast, dinosaur fossils have been traced in Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
      • Historically, the Cenozoic has been divided up into the Quaternary and Tertiary sub-eras, as well as the Neogene and Paleogene periods.
      • The extinction occurred at the boundary between the Permian and Triassic periods at a time when all land was concentrated in a supercontinent called Pangea.

    • 1.3(of artist)

      época feminine
      período masculine
      • The late 1950s and early 1960s were a period of expansion and creativity.
      • The early 1990s also was a period of persistently sluggish growth - in credit, employment and GDP.
      • The nineteenth century was a period of unparalleled imperial expansion.
      • The Book of Kells is one of the great masterpieces that has come down to us from a period often referred to as the Dark Ages.
      • In these, information about the history of the regions and archaeological discoveries bring the Viking and early medieval periods to life.
      • We have entered a critical period in financial history.
      • Magical beliefs and practices existed at all social levels in the medieval and early modern periods, and were enmeshed in medical and scientific thought and techniques.
      • The life that one sacrificed to God or king in the medieval and early modern periods became, with the advent of modernity, a life offered in the name of one's country.
      • Economists and historians regard a reduction in real wages as one of the distinguishing features of the modern period.
      • Yet the 1990s was a very robust period of growth.
      • His work has focused on the medieval and early modern periods.
      • Also featured will be works from the Byzantine, Medieval, and Renaissance periods, as well as late 18th and early 19th century art.
      • Nevertheless, the eighteenth century was a period of rapid urban growth.
      • This strong connection between politics and music is a feature of the period.
      • Of these, 98 per cent cover the 19th and 20th centuries, while only 16 per cent cover medieval or earlier periods.
      • The art forms that emerged in the early period of civilisation are primitive and catered to a people who had no alternative.
      • You said we entered a dark period in American history.
      • If we confine ourselves to Europe in the late medieval and early modern periods, we find that at least initial studies have been completed on England, France, Amsterdam, and parts of Germany.
      • To be sure, the public prayer forms of the West needed culling and refining by the late medieval and early Renaissance periods.
      • Life at the bottom of society was always difficult in the late medieval and early modern periods: but around 1600 conditions for many of the poor were terrible.

    • 1.4Geology

      período masculine

  • 2

    período masculine
    regla feminine
    to have a period tener el período / la regla
    • I missed a period last month no me vino el período / la regla el mes pasado
    • before noun period pain dolor menstrual
    • Women who receive chemotherapy may have a change in their periods or menstrual cycles.
    • Because sex during menstruation may increase the chances of transmitting or contracting HIV, it may be safer for women to wait until their periods are over to have sex.
    • You then need to use progesterone pessaries until your periods start again.
    • Three standard gynecological texts state that the commonly observed interval between menstrual periods is 26 to 30 days, 24 to 32 days, and 24 to 35 days.
    • It affects women much more often than men, because women lose some blood in each menstrual period between puberty and the menopause.
    • Examples include when a partner leaves, pregnancies among very young women, those with irregular periods or at the menopause, or when testing has shown a baby with abnormalities.
    • Women may also experience painful periods and pain during sexual intercourse.
    • A headache diary may be necessary to confirm the relationship between migraine and menstruation, especially if periods are irregular.
    • During puberty or nearing menopause, many women have irregular periods so no treatment is necessary.
    • It is common to have heavy blood flow at the beginning of a period and lighter blood flow at the end.
    • It mostly affects women between the ages of 50 and 70, who have been through the menopause (when your periods stop).
    • Some older women think the absence of periods is related to menopause and not pregnancy.
    • About 60% of women who say they have heavy periods are found to have normal periods when their blood loss is measured.
    • If a woman does not have periods (due to menopause or removal of uterus), then it may be done on a fixed day of the month.
    • During early pregnancy, some women develop acne, especially those who were prone to breakouts during menstrual periods before becoming pregnant.
    • Amenorrhoea is the absence of periods (menstruation).
    • Amenorrhea just means an absence of menstrual cycles or periods for at least about three to six months, and the particular type of amenorrhea that we were studying is called hypothalamic.
    • Sometimes the cause is clear, for example in women who are pregnant or have heavy periods.
    • Many women don't suspect they're pregnant until their period doesn't arrive.
    • Most women have some crampy pain with their periods, especially as teenagers.
  • 3

    • 3.1(in school)

      (de clase) hora feminine
      a double period of chemistry (una clase de) dos horas de química
      • Nothing could bring him down… until he reached his third period Algebra class.
      • My parents were a bit worried when they saw all the free periods in my timetable.
      • Most of my teachers were unaware of my hours of research in the school library; the reason for this was that I was supposed to be doing something else in my free periods, so I kept quiet about what I was doing.
      • The two of them reached the door to their first period study hall room.
      • Despite the fact that this lesson took several class periods to complete, I feel it was definitely worth it.
      • When I was looking for my third period class which is Health, the halls were really crowded.
      • By the time I got to class, the first period bell was ringing.
      • Even the teacher was very interested in the argument, so she gave the class a free period.
      • Teachers should also be in classrooms for all the periods allocated to them and those who served as councillors should be filled in for, he said.
      • Dumping her test into the inbox she left the classroom for fourth period Health.
      • Youngsters coming out of school during free periods were also blamed for trouble in the town.
      • Uh, you really need to take this up next period in your Comparative Religion class.
      • Walking down the hallway towards first period trigonometry Jordan smiled as she passed people.
      • I never really got why lessons were called periods.
      • I took a seat in the middle near the window in my fourth period class which was art.
      • To accommodate the rich level of activity hoped for in his mathematical laboratory, he proposed that two consecutive class periods be allocated to it.
      • I would look at it later and make sense of it but, as for now, I had to get to my next lesson because the free period would probably be nearing an end.
      • The total lesson takes several class periods and I recite the poems to motivate my young artists many times throughout the lesson.
      • James had a free for periods five and six, so he was in the IT room, out of the cold.
      • In my day, that meant the four boys who drank it in an alley near school during free periods (I joined them once and will spare you the details).

    • 3.2Sport

      tiempo masculine
      • He also missed a 30m penalty in the first period of extra time.
      • In the second period of extra time United pushed hard looking again for another equaliser.
      • Kinsale scored the decisive second goal three minutes into the first period of extra-time.
      • His save percentage and GAA in the third period is better than in the first two periods.
      • There were no goals in the first period of extra time but within a minute of the restart a through-ball fell to Bowers, who made no mistake.
      • They turned into gaping holes in the final period when three Belfast goals in as many minutes ended the contest.
      • If games are tied at full-time an extra period will be played with the first team to score winning the game.
      • There is an extra period called injury time, usually in the vicinity of three minutes.
      • There have been 17 periods of extra time in European Championships and World Cups since the Golden Goal system began at Euro 96.
      • Venezuela was reduced to ten players for the second period of extra time and the pressure shifted to Uruguay.
      • A tense period of extra-time failed to produce a winning goal for either team.
      • Between periods in the locker rooms, IVs drip fluids into dehydrated athletes, who eat bananas and drink even more liquids to fight off cramping.
      • In the first period of extra time both teams played at a frenetic pace with tenacious defending keeping Keighley's hopes alive.
      • The match ended scoreless in normal time, but the team conceded a goal in the first period of extra time.
      • But, once he scored in the sixth minute of the injury time, the script for the extra time periods could have been written.
      • Teams play full periods with no TV timeouts - the ultimate test of conditioning.
      • However, with almost the last kick of the game, he scored the winning point in the fourth period of extra time.
      • They totally dominated the first period, scoring five and conceding one.
      • The second period of extra time saw the home side get a goal back.
      • Why is a penalty in the first period of a game in December not a penalty in the third period of a game in March?

  • 4

    • 4.1US (in punctuation)

      punto masculine
      (as exclamation) y punto
      (as exclamation) y sanseacabó informal
      • He could simply have said he favours public ownership, full stop, period.
      • Small pauses were commas, larger ones were semicolons and colon; and periods of course were the longest pause of all.
      • "You hate cats period, " Tiffany reminded her fondly.

    • 4.2(sentence)

      período masculine
      • There is frequently poor closure of periods and an inept employment of rhythm in the closure of stanzas and of poems.

  • 5

    Mathematics Astronomy Physics
    período masculine
    • In 1834 Jacobi proved that if a single-valued function of one variable is doubly periodic then the ratio of the periods is imaginary.
    • The first problem Galileo attacked at Florence was to determine orbits and periods for Jupiter's four satellites.
    • Typical distances from the Sun are 10,000 astronomical units, and typical orbital periods are on the order of 1 million years.
    • To produce a larger effect, the motion must accumulate, and for wave-impulses to accumulate, they must arrive in periods identical with the periods of vibration of the atoms on which they impinge.
    • The atmosphere rotates with periods ranging from over 18 hours near the equator to faster than 13 hours near the poles.
    • What is the period of the continued fractions of the following numbers?
    • In contrast, Jupiter-family comets tend to have predictable, well-determined orbits with short periods and low inclinations.
    • Certainly the book would be more compelling if it contained a success story on a par with accounting for the periods of the planetary orbits or the perihelion shift of Mercury.


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    (costume/furniture) de época
    the house retains many period features la casa conserva muchos detalles arquitectónicos de la época
    • The room is furnished with expensive period furniture and even an antique gramophone.
    • The hotel's 64 rooms are in comfortable period style, with heavy doors and lots of antiques and arches.
    • We are in the early 1970s, with plenty of gleaming period automobiles rolling past on cue.
    • One of the highlights of the weekend will be period re-enactments of historical trials in the old Law Courts in City Hall.
    • They are furnished in period style and presented to the public as representative of a national or regional cultural tradition.
    • The walls are painted in a soft cream colour and there are period style fireplaces at either end.
    • This stylishly renovated period lodge has been designed to take full advantage of the mature front garden.
    • A home that has both period style and modern comforts - is it perfection?
    • This house is a great blend of period qualities and contemporary design.
    • Each of the five apartments is spacious and well-equipped and decorated in period style.
    • First performed in 1948, it is interesting today only as a period piece.
    • The houses would need to be empty and if they have period furniture and furnishings that would be an extra advantage.
    • There are eight suites - all decorated by Patricia with French period furniture.
    • The owners of one of the most important period houses in Cork are to cut their losses after a bitter planning saga.
    • This old period house and shop front set beside the bridge and River Moy has a mystique all of its own.
    • He said that period houses of this type and location were among some of the most popular in the city.
    • Some town councillors donned period costume to add to the authenticity of the celebrations.
    • However, although much work was needed, care was taken to preserve the period style of the mansion.
    • At the first event some people were unsure about dressing up in period costume.
    • The anniversary of a momentous battle fought only a few miles from York has been marked in period style.