Translation of peripheral in Spanish:


secundario, adj.

Pronunciation /pəˈrɪf(ə)rəl//pəˈrɪf(ə)r(ə)l/


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    (minor, secondary)
    (character/event/issue) secundario
    these considerations are peripheral to the debate estas consideraciones son tangenciales al debate
    • He begins by telling us what education is although it is peripheral to the central thrust of my argument.
    • This ubiquity of unavoidable helplessness points to the possibility that dependency is not peripheral to the social order, but is somehow central to it.
    • Of course, all this, as well as the leafy branches and stuffed birds, is peripheral to the music and suggests that they themselves realise the songs aren't their strongest selling point and need some kind of quirky garnish.
    • One or more floor tom-toms followed and by 1940 the drum kit had reached its present form, though any number of peripheral instruments may be added by the player.
    • Fiction is permitted so long as sport is the engine of the narrative rather than being merely incidental or peripheral to it.
    • The Charter may be extended to claims that are marginal or peripheral to the philosophical purposes of a bill of rights.
    • She believes that matters such as the effect on the environment or possible health risks are peripheral to the core of the issue.
    • A decade ago, NGOs were fairly peripheral to major international diplomacy.
    • I cannot resist the temptation to respond to a few specific points, although they are peripheral to the central, important matter of the controversy itself.
    • You know you're watching a bad zombie film when the zombies are peripheral to the sexy outfits, time-and-space-defying stunts, and deliriously obnoxious soundtrack.
    • It seems that there is a real wave over the last, let's say four to five years, of bands that put absolutely no effort into lyrics as though they were completely peripheral to the song.
    • Of course, for the students, who graduated last week, all the technological details of why and how were peripheral to having a chance to learn the violin.
    • And why this unseemly obsession with the Reformatories, when the Reformatories were peripheral to this story?
    • One is to ignore the issue as peripheral to what is of permanent importance in his work, namely the innovative comparative political sociology and cultural history that we have examined in the previous two chapters.
    • Foreign policy and national security issues are not peripheral to the task of national governance - they are central, as we have seen in the events of the last few weeks.
    • Recall in the first instance that much of this is peripheral to our lives.
    • Under this standard, a subpoena that is peripheral to the case, or that is drawn too broadly or vaguely, is unlikely to be enforced unless it is focussed and narrowed.
    • But history as recent as the past 200 years is peripheral to his interests.
    • The parts of economics most familiar to organizational theorists, agency theory and transaction-cost theory, are peripheral to the argument.
    • The struggles, challenges, dysfunctions, dreams and accomplishments of families in the past, therefore, are not peripheral to historical inquiry, but central to it.
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    (unit/device) periférico
    • While we don't have really anything out of the ordinary here it is everything that we need so you shouldn't have any problems when it comes to installing your peripheral devices.
    • During periods of heavy USB peripheral use, printing delays often stretched into minutes.
    • Hidden in empty books were many peripheral devices such as microphones, cameras, and such.
    • Two front-mounted USB ports make it easier to connect peripheral devices.
    • These connectors can be plugged into devices such as computers and peripheral devices such that the respective components can be interconnected.
    • The back of the truck is anchored firmly to the asphalt by a ton of documents, storage media, books, computers, and peripheral devices.
    • It is designed for new mass storage devices and other peripheral devices that require very high bandwidth.
    • In the PC environment an example would be peripheral devices that can send data to each other without first going through the PC.
    • It executes program instructions, writes and reads information to or from memory, and accesses peripheral devices such as serial ports and disk controllers.
    • It will be paid in the form of vouchers that eligible consumers will be able to use to buy desktop hardware, laptops, tablet PCs, software and peripheral devices from any vendor.
    • Leading the parade in the past have been desktop and large computers, computer peripheral goods, and traditional wired telephone equipment.
    • The higher bandwidth of the memory bus compared to the processor bus can be used efficiently by the peripheral devices working with the memory as well as for hardware data prefetch algorithms.
    • In addition, four USB ports are available for connection to a variety of peripheral devices such as printers, modems or external storage devices.
    • Most types of peripheral device have been honed to perfection.
    • Disconnect the computer and any attached peripheral equipment from the mains.
    • The routers are also used to connect computers with printers and other peripheral devices.
    • Examples of these peripheral devices are single-handed keyboards, lightweight headset pointers, and trackballs to replace mice.
    • Each peripheral then responds, which results in a two-way communication between the host PC and its associated peripheral devices.
    • If no peripheral device is located, then the application will select a default peripheral device.
    • The USB specification for attaching peripheral components (modem, printer, etc) to computers is an example.
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    Anatomy Medicine
    (vision/nerve) periférico
    • It is thought that painful lesions are those that involve peritoneal surfaces innervated by peripheral spinal nerves, not those innervated by the autonomic nervous system.
    • Instead, it is a better idea to sample from the peripheral edges of affected areas where plant symptoms are less severe and nematode population densities are still high.
    • In addition it affects people in the peripheral areas of the county as the surrounding health boards are now refusing to accept patients from outside their own catchment area.
    • A frame pattern is formed on the array substrate at the outer side of the display area to prevent a light leakage at the outer peripheral edge of the display area.
    • The smooth musculature of the larger blood vessels is relaxed, including the coronary, systemic peripheral and pulmonary arteries.
    • The commission's proposals will be ready in late spring in time to be debated at the two EU conferences in Galway and Mayo on rural development and peripheral areas.
    • Bangalore in the future is to grow only in zones - right from the central business district to green belt or agricultural zones in the peripheral areas.
    • Most of these people were much more peripheral to the dynamics of change so apparent in the south-eastern part of the British Isles and in Scotland, and had less engagement with those outside their regions.
    • Patients who do smoke are told to stop smoking, as it reduces peripheral blood circulation, especially to the skin, and impedes healing.
    • Myelin is present in both the central and peripheral nervous system.
    • Focusing on each point allows the eye to detect a conflict within the foveal field, as well as contrasting or moving objects in the peripheral area between the center of each scanning block.
    • Large chunks of peripheral area, especially on the eastern banks, have been encroached upon and water areas are being turned into vegetable gardens or even residential areas without any check.
    • Fuel demand in provincial areas will be higher than that in Bangkok and its peripheral areas, since a large number of people will travel to celebrate the holiday in other regions of the country.
    • Not only has the course of these rivulets been changed by encroachers within the township, but also in peripheral areas falling in the neighbouring state of Punjab.
    • Enlargement is focusing minds intently in Brussels, the member state capitals, in peripheral areas such as Scotland and, above all, across eastern Europe.
    • While watching TV, turn on a few peripheral lights to give your eyes additional focusing cues.
    • These peripheral areas typically attracted rural migrants to the city during World War II and since in pursuit of better living conditions and economic opportunities.
    • He said that the drainage and the sewerage of the peripheral areas is mainly contributing to the pollution of the Dal Lake since all the waste matter of the surrounding areas goes into it.
    • Segmental hypotonias are associated with disorders of the motor neuron, peripheral nerve, neuromuscular junction and skeletal muscle.
    • We are looking to increase mobility around the peripheral joints whilst maintaining stability in the core.
    • I would urge the Minister to take the bold steps required and make provision for the service in these peripheral areas now.
    • The shell has a rubber edging adhesive along its peripheral contour and is painted with a chemical agent-resistive coating.
    • The size and shape of this interior part resemble the size and shape of the anterior end of a normal worm, and the apparent overgrowth of the anterior tip of the mutant is peripheral to this tapered part.
    • All day she had been there on the peripheral edge of his thoughts.
    • The light colored splotches appear as a more or less solid mass in the peripheral area of the coral, but they have a lamellar distribution of blebs farther in.


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    periférico masculine