Translation of periphrasis in Spanish:


perífrasis, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈrɪfrəsɪs//pəˈrɪfrəsɪs/

nounPlural periphrases

  • 1

    perífrasis feminine
    • Such recondite periphrasis brought its own reward.
    • In order to refer to the activity denoted by the F-word, it is necessary to engage in circumlocution or periphrasis.
    • When Johnson refers to his mind as ‘Summus… celsa dominator [in] arce ’, the elaborate periphrasis mockingly dramatizes the blustery ‘empty force’ of his mind's pretensions.
    • The parodic cupid's dart is described with the maximum of periphrasis compatible with not actually disguising what the organ is, ‘a piece of flesh, the characteristic part of a barrow-pig’.
    • Can one be an avid fan of a book - or is this lazy-minded periphrasis for ‘favourite’?