Translation of perish in Spanish:


perecer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛrɪʃ//ˈpɛrɪʃ/

intransitive verb

  • 1literary

    perecer literary
    • By the end of the 1840s over one million Irish had perished from hunger and associated disease and another two million had emigrated to escape the misery.
    • Forty-nine people were killed in the city and a further 16 perished at sea.
    • Malnourished children do not typically perish from hunger but when children are weak, common childhood ailments become killers.
    • We found her boat, in pieces on the shore, and I thought she had perished in a violent storm crossing the ocean.
    • Sixty-eight journalists were killed during World War II, while 38 perished in the Korean War.
    • If they had left him he could have perished in the fire.
    • Will it successfully resist or perish due to state repression?
    • Empires and ideologies have triumphed, perished and fallen into oblivion through the centuries.
    • The thousands who perished there certainly deserve the honour and the remembrance.
    • But, in some cases, some of the people perished as a result of the flooding.
    • We believe at this time that the boy has probably perished in the crash.
    • He and Lady Charlotte both tragically perished in a great fire at the temple today.
    • Much of the army perished at the river, and most of the rest were captured.
    • The house was razed and both daughters, aged 4 and 6, perished in the blaze.
    • They are afraid that their party will perish as they risk losing the support of both the ‘deep blue’ and pro-localization factions.
    • How many beautiful friendships may perish prematurely because of people losing contact this way, as a result of some virus or other computer misfortune?
    • Unfortunately, all but eight perished in World War II.
    • Approximately 200,000 Irishmen served in World War 1 and over 60,000 perished in the conflict.
    • The Republic will surely perish without a heroic effort from all of us.
    • A great many fishermen perished at sea, especially during the brutal winter season.
    • Her love for him, however, had slowly perished throughout the years of their marriage.
    • An estimated 3.3 million people perished in the war, mainly through war-induced disease and famine.
    • More than 50 million soldiers and civilians perished in the Second World War.
    • He died in a shabby Roman hotel the year after that regime had perished.
    • Her pet cat and dog also perished in the flames.
    • They survived the unknown hardships of war, only to perish while travelling to a job most Irish people would now turn their noses up at.
    • They hoped the ruling party could help save the paper from perishing.
    • While some manage the perilous crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar separating Spain from Morocco, many others perish trying.
    • Much of the work from the silent era has perished or been lost to future generations.
  • 2

    (leather/rubber) deteriorarse
    (rubber/leather) picarse
    (foodstuffs) echarse a perder
    (foodstuffs) estropearse
    • Some argue that organic fruit and vegetables perish quickly, but there's no need to waste food that has reached the end of its shelf life.
    • The tree's bright green foliage contrasted with the swing, whose wood had long perished, cut off from its source of life, and was now numb to the world.
    • Leaks due to cracked or perished rubber make accurate measurement of blood pressure difficult because the fall in mercury cannot be controlled.
    • It's worth jacking the car up and having a look at the brake lines (which carry fluid to the brakes), in particular the flexible rubber hoses which can crack and perish.
    • Except the dry leaves, they leave all vegetation to grow and perish in the field itself to enrich the soil.
    • Since you're looking for foods that don't perish too fast and can be eaten without silverware, I suggest plant-based foods for lunches.
    • Oh, how foolish we are to labor for the bread that perishes.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (rubber/leather) deteriorar
    (rubber/leather) picar