Translation of permanence in Spanish:


permanencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpərmənəns//ˈpəːmənəns/


  • 1

    permanencia feminine
    lo permanente
    • An entryway of brick steps adds warmth and character and helps to project a sense of quality and permanence.
    • Other Italians admired the quality of permanence which printing gave to literature in general.
    • For all the apparent permanence, within a protracted, geological time-scale, sandstone is in fact quite quick to change.
    • This gave her strength and a feeling of permanence, continuity and contentment with her home.
    • Stone steps, stairways, benches and gate posts can all add a feeling of permanence to a garden.
    • Security, stability and permanence would be best achieved through adoption.
    • There was a sense of permanence in my mind, and as the morning spread out I was aware of the opportunity for making a new start.
    • Their greatness can perhaps be best measured in terms of their permanence.
    • The long term permanence of the change is perhaps more interesting.
    • A great path not only offers access, it helps form the garden's structural backbone and creates a feeling of permanence.
    • All of this is characterized by redundant aspects of stability, permanence and continuity.
    • This is a place where traditions run deep, and where the long shadow of Ben Nevis seems to add a sense of permanence to the town.
    • The feelings of solidity and permanence are illusory, for nothing is truly solid and permanent in this life.
    • Such permanence makes local journalists more aware of the power of print.
    • The exceptional audio and video quality and the permanence of the medium are things we really like.
    • Such a sense of permanence, of an unbroken link to the past, is one of the lures of islands.
    • In the psyche of the second and third generation Tibetans, there is no real sense of permanence.
    • Yet vast reserves of potential support awaited any regime that could achieve that stability, and that permanence.
    • The singing and laughing is louder than ever, as if the volume of our voices has a way of creating permanence.
    • It's fun to work on something that has some permanence, something that could outlast me.