Translation of permeable in Spanish:


permeable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpəːmɪəb(ə)l//ˈpərmiəb(ə)l/


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    permeable to sth permeable a algo
    • Because toads have permeable skin, RBG is also found in high concentrations in the blood.
    • Many soils have a topsoil layer that is more permeable than the clay subsoil.
    • The damaged endothelial cells become more permeable.
    • Further addition of the detergent renders the membrane more permeable.
    • The rough grade was thinly plated with permeable sandy loam soils.
    • The most permeable soils are granular and consist of a fair amount of sand or gravel.
    • The dialysis membrane is permeable to all the plasma constituents, with the exception of plasma proteins.
    • These well drained, moderately to rapidly permeable soils were formed in glacial outwash.
    • The shell is freely permeable to small gas molecules, including water vapor.
    • Their home designs use the natural landscape as well as permeable materials to capture and retain stormwater onsite.
    • A ‘carrier bed’ is a porous and permeable rock near the source rock through which petroleum flows from source to trap.
    • The architect ensured that some rainwater would go into the soil by specifying permeable grid pavers.
    • Latex gloves are permeable to chemicals, so nitrile gloves are your best choice.
    • This permeable layer could consist of stacks of rocks or soil between the two ponds.
    • A semi-permeable membrane is otherwise known as a selectively permeable membrane.
    • The channel is impermeable to anions but is permeable to a diverse group of cations.
    • Nails are also permeable, which means they let in liquids that come in contact with them.
    • The walls made without cement are permeable and thus need no separate provision for drainage.
    • The surface texture is not necessarily always a permeable membrane.
    • Magnesium alloys, on the other hand, form a loose, permeable oxide coating on the molten metal surface.