Translation of permutation in Spanish:


variante, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpərmjʊˈteɪʃ(ə)n//pəːmjʊˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


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    variante feminine
    • For example, there are six permutations of order of appearance for the three evolutionary splits mentioned above.
    • Many other permutations of the alternatives presented are certainly possible.
    • With this scenario, the fragmented delegate count produces several possible permutations.
    • Ideally, we would list all possible permutations of the ESP matrix.
    • Old insights are merely recycled in different permutations against a backdrop of current circumstances.
    • Clearly, the possible number of permutations is gigantic.
    • This procedure is repeated until all possible permutations of experimental conditions to the data have been calculated.
    • The possible permutations of the final four are intriguing.
    • The possible permutations of ordering the seven stamps determined the need for 42 collages.
    • This procedure was repeated for 10 random permutations of trajectory orders.
    • In effect, each row is a permutation of four distinct numbers.
    • There are 16 different permutations for a possible World Series matchup this season.
    • Now, since we're considering order, each of these combinations has a number of permutations.
    • Some of these parameters change rapidly, others very slowly, and the possible permutations are nearly infinite.
    • With so many different home loan permutations and cost factors to be taken into consideration, it's not surprising that many buyers are bewildered.
    • One example he gives is the number of permutations possible with 59 objects - only slightly more than a deck of cards.
    • How does the counter generate the correct permutation of the binary numerals?
    • We will give a proof here, independent of Wilson's theorem, that all permutations are possible.
    • Other permutations of the five cards can give different values for the longest increasing subsequence.
    • I have seen the slogan in a hundred different permutations.
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    permutación feminine
  • 3British

    (in football pools)
    combinación feminine