Translation of peroxide in Spanish:


peróxido, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈrɒksʌɪd//pəˈrɑkˌsaɪd/


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    peróxido masculine
    before noun a peroxide blonde una rubia oxigenada
    • Hair could be bleached with peroxide or dyed only black or brown.
    • Another time a girlfriend of mine introduced me to home perms, peroxide, and W - 2 solution.
    • I never shaved my head, but I definitely mixed my own packets of peroxide, and put big fat streaks of blonde in my hair.
    • A woman steps out, quite tall with peroxide blonde hair, looks English.
    • ‘I think it's important to be original,’ the 27-year-old with peroxide blonde hair said.
    • She had long peroxide colored hair and amazingly light hazel eyes.
    • He had a bright purple suit on and had dyed his hair peroxide blond.
    • Jason washed his hair in the tub while Emily mixed a light solution of peroxide and water to bleach his hair.
    • Make poultice soaked with 20% peroxide (hair bleaching strength) and a few drops of ammonia.
    • It turns out that all permanent dye must use PPD to adhere to the hair shaft and peroxide to open it.
    • In over-the-counter treatments (like the strips you use), peroxide bleaches your pearly whites.
    • She dipped her hair in peroxide and fell asleep.
    • I followed my cousin's instructions and put a combination of peroxide, lemon juice and Sun-In through my black hair.
    • She went to the bathroom to grab some peroxide water.
    • A tall, reedy blonde girl stood in front of her, chewing on a piece of her peroxide hair.
    • Try here for ammonia and peroxide free hair dye.
    • Faith yelled, ‘I mean, yeah it looks nice, but really, who dies their hair with peroxide?’
    • Remember peroxide is bleach so test an inconspicuous spot first for color fastness.
    • Jessica got some peroxide, some toilet paper, and a band-aid for me.
    • I was brought up in West Bromwich, and spent my formative years dyeing my hair peroxide blonde and scowling a lot.