Translation of perpetuate in Spanish:


perpetuar, v.

Pronunciation /pəˈpɛtʃʊeɪt//pərˈpɛtʃəˌweɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Quebecers just don't want to swap their groovy ways to perpetuate the species.
    • The effigies of antiquity were created to perpetuate the memory of the deceased as he or she looked while alive.
    • The Mohegans are also invested in preserving and perpetuating their culture.
    • Their memory was perpetuated in later centuries by antiquarians such as Joseph Strutt, whose Sports and Pastimes of England was published in 1801.
    • It's not just because a certain pool of skilled practitioners must be sustained to perpetuate our craft.
    • In spite of near-constant challenges to their survival, tortoises must nonetheless attend to the task of perpetuating the species.
    • Very few recognise the services of such freedom fighters or make efforts to perpetuate their memory.
    • My question for Rosanne is what should we be doing to remember him, to perpetuate his memory?
    • Building a theatre is not the easiest way of perpetuating your father's memory.
    • It fittingly perpetuates his memory as one who lived an unassuming honourable life and bequeathed the whole of his residuary estate to charity.
    • The point in perpetuating a person's memory is that he or she might otherwise be forgotten.
    • It was on this sleepy island that the Dutch settled in 1609 and built a fort to perpetuate their memory.
    • You are the last woman on earth, and it is your job to perpetuate the human race, whether you like it or not.
    • Some of those monuments are almost a century old and were erected to perpetuate a memory and a spirit dear to surviving family members.