Translation of perplex in Spanish:


dejar perplejo, v.

Pronunciation /pəˈplɛks//pərˈplɛks/

transitive verb

  • 1

    dejar perplejo
    • Physicians are often perplexed about how to interpret abnormal results within the panels.
    • I sat up and looked at him oddly, almost as though the question perplexed me more than anything else.
    • No, what is perplexing me more is the discrepancy between giving and asking.
    • Having lived for years in a neighbourhood which has been ignored, local people are naturally perplexed and jealous.
    • We are all anxious and eager to find answers to questions that intrigue and perplex us; this is natural.
    • It perplexes me that smart people so often say things like this.
    • The passenger is not reassured; he is perplexed.
    • The Aztecs exhibition will stun and perplex many people who see it.
    • I was perplexed when my results were quite different from those reported in the article.
    • We are perplexed, but we don't give up and quit.
    • He was perplexed by her question and it more than a little baffled him.
    • I know this is most unusual but it is something that perplexes me.
    • Be that as it may, the tower's mystery and appeal remain undiminished, perplexing visitors and experts alike.
    • Questions such as those can perplex many workers.
    • Human nature perplexes me and it's just one of those odd little quirky things that has grabbed my attention.
    • The idea of making unnecessary sacrifices at the expense of your looks and leisure time genuinely perplexes people.
    • His apparent willingness to gamble on growth is perplexing friends and delighting some of his foes.
    • The children were perplexed by her unexpected good humor, but they admired her good-natured bravery in the face of personal tragedy.
    • The 67-year-old director seems perplexed by the question.
    • He is genuinely perplexed that people don't think he has done enough.