Translation of perplexity in Spanish:


perplejidad, n.

Pronunciation /pərˈplɛksədi//pəˈplɛksɪti/


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    perplejidad feminine
    • ‘I guess I'd say we're a metal band,’ he says with some perplexity.
    • For all their cheerful harmony, his pictures were painted in solitude, with perplexity and misgiving until he saw them in their completed form.
    • The true perplexity of it came clear several days later, when we were driving back from a two-day sidetrip to Waterton National Park.
    • Confessions of perplexity are, it is assumed, not wanted.
    • They gazed at her work with puzzled perplexity.
    • But my perplexity went well beyond the lack of easy egalitarianism.
    • The defining images of the tournament so far have been ones of American disappointment, frustration and sheer perplexity at the force of their rivals.
    • The sensory overload of such prose inspires perplexity and gives little assurance on rereading.
    • ‘No I didn't,’ Duke replied with a look of perplexity.
    • Gradually the look of perplexity was replaced by the slightest of smirks as the boys' minds took in what was happening.
    • In my perplexity, I rang the council for clarification.
    • The ban has been met with a combination of anger and perplexity.
    • You can see perplexity and anger in their stance, their walk, their whole demeanor.
    • I pointed that out to her and watched her face change from its look of indignant perplexity to a very sad and hurt confusion.
    • We may come in love and sympathy, perhaps with perplexity or even anger, but we come to share and for a time of quiet reflection.
    • All they are trying to do is bring perplexity and division among the residents.
    • Confusion and perplexity characterise the political establishment everywhere.
    • The ambivalence from the clash of voices results in mental and emotional states of perplexity.
    • In the meantime, a strange mood of perplexity and foreboding has settled on Europe.
    • The perplexity of the public has grown in recent weeks.