Translation of persecute in Spanish:


perseguir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpərsəˌkjut//ˈpəːsɪkjuːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • We should also be targeting the source of the problem: repressive governments which persecute their own citizens.
    • He was martyred after refusing to persecute Christians and became a patron saint of soldiers.
    • Besides, almost all of them are already old and they're the last people persecuted for political reasons.
    • During Bulgaria's communist period, his followers were persecuted by the authorities.
    • We see a dictator using force to repress and persecute his opponents.
    • Asylum will be given to people who are persecuted for their beliefs.
    • One of these is that millions of people around the world die or are severely persecuted for their beliefs.
    • The Huguenots were French Protestants who had been persecuted for their faith.
    • The Jews - among other minorities - were persecuted by the Nazis.
    • Morality demands that the will of the majority should not prevail where a minority is persecuted purely because of religion or race.
    • Many have been harassed or persecuted in their own countries for political or religious reasons.
    • The Muslim population claims it was systematically persecuted for its religion by the Greek Orthodox majority.
    • The bond was strengthened because individuals persecuted by the authorities could seek succor and solace from the Church.
    • The cultists feel that they are being persecuted unfairly.
    • She claims she has been persecuted because of her religious beliefs.
    • For hundreds of years, the Jews have been persecuted in many countries.
    • He believes himself unjustly persecuted and discriminated against.
    • Are they being persecuted on the grounds of race?
    • When persecuted by the government, they have fled to the central highlands from the north.
    • Both of them were persecuted relentlessly for their beliefs.
  • 2

    (pester, tease)
    incordiar Spain informal
    • Last week we witnessed two fine examples of the extent to which anti-smoking zealots will go in order to hound and persecute smokers.
    • Isn't it disgraceful the way they're persecuting the poor guy?
    • Local authorities should concentrate on providing services to the public not persecuting honest shopkeepers.
    • For three years after DNA evidence proved his innocence, the authorities persisted in persecuting him.
    • The police are too busy persecuting and harassing motorists.
    • I hope that you and the people will reserve judgment on me until the newspaper is done persecuting me.
    • The persecuted, bullied and misunderstood see a kindred spirit.
    • We are not in the business of persecuting our members because the state considers someone guilty.
    • Lone parents, disabled people and the long term unemployed are harried and persecuted.
    • I have the greatest admiration for the man and there is no question of persecuting him.
    • They are doing the opposite by picking on them and by persecuting people more than they have for years.
    • The moral is: persecuting farmers is not the way to have lower food prices, nor is it the way to make farm income lower than other forms of income.
    • In July, he confronted her about the investigation, accusing her of persecuting him, and demanding to know how she had any right to continue the investigation.
    • The most common symptom of paranoia is the belief that someone or something is persecuting you.
    • They were looked down upon but generally not actively persecuted.
    • Totalitarian governments love these kind of laws that make everyone a potential criminal, so that authorities can legally justify persecuting anyone they don't like.
    • We are not out for prosecution or persecuting people, we just want people to see reason we want them to adhere to the speed limit.
    • It's just a pathetic mind game played by lefty town planners who get their kicks by persecuting motorists, because of course, we're all evil.
    • Persecuting the poor guy isn't going to make him feel very good either.