Translation of persecution in Spanish:


persecución, n.

Pronunciation /pəːsɪˈkjuːʃn//ˌpərsəˈkjuʃ(ə)n/


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    persecución feminine
    • A general persecution of the democratic leaders took place.
    • The Israeli leadership does not need justification for further persecution.
    • The Emperor Marcus Aurelius died in 181, and the Church was little troubled by persecution for the following twenty years.
    • Under the 1996 laws, asylum seekers fleeing persecution are now held behind bars.
    • He claims to fear persecution by reason of his involvement with student politics in Bangladesh during the 1990s.
    • Violence, war, poverty, unemployment, crime or persecution drive many others to escape.
    • Think about someone convicted by a kangaroo court with faceless judges moving to the UK to escape further persecution.
    • The Appellant maintains that he fears persecution by the state for political or imputed political reasons.
    • No refugee would be able to flee from their country of persecution without first joining the mythical queue to apply for a protection visa.
    • Most of the persecution in Iraq has been at local level.
    • Designation does not mean that the country is considered to be universally safe or free from persecution.
    • In the late 1990s, however, the Hazaras faced extreme persecution under the Taliban.
    • Later, during the time of the Crusades, messianic expectation increased as Jews faced persecution and death.
    • He was by no means the only man of letters of his time who had to submit to something like persecution.
    • They came mostly from areas of the Russian empire where religious persecution was common.
    • In the sixteenth chapter, Gibbon examinees the persecution of Christians by several Roman emperors.
    • Coupled with the plague, the persecution of the Jews nearly wiped out entire communities.
    • This, then, was the occasion of the first persecution of Christians under the Roman Empire.
    • The indigenous Christian community is only two million strong and faces persecution from Islamic militants.
    • The basis for the modern State of Israel is the persecution of the Jewish people, which is undeniable.