Translation of perseverance in Spanish:


perseverancia, n.

Pronunciation /pəːsɪˈvɪər(ə)ns//ˌpərsəˈvɪrəns/


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    perseverancia feminine
    • Her incredible tenacity, perseverance and determination to succeed is a commendable example to everyone.
    • It's a disheartening process, but Mike is keen to acknowledge that the key to success is perseverance and determination.
    • It is going to be a very long process requiring patience and perseverance.
    • Although his craft requires some basic colours and blocks, the work requires enormous patience and perseverance.
    • This will enable you to face life's difficulties with patience, perseverance, and flexibility.
    • Just remember the three Ps of successful bodybuilding: patience, perseverance and persistence.
    • We need a lot of perseverance, persistence, patience.
    • Tireless efforts, hard work, confidence, perseverance and patience helped him to attain success.
    • If nothing else, Anne's success proves that perseverance does pay off.
    • However, it will be the determination, commitment and perseverance of the people that will make change happen.
    • As a result, patience, perseverance and interest are required.
    • Remember, persistence, performance, and perseverance will bring success.
    • However, those who plan properly, set realistic goals, and exercise patience and perseverance can find success.
    • It took a lot of persistence and perseverance and a lot of great people around me telling me that I could do it and I could get there.
    • What he does is simply a job requiring diligence, perseverance and a dash of good fortune.
    • I would like to thank the police for their support and perseverance with the investigation.
    • Persistence and perseverance are qualities important for career success.
    • For those endowed with qualities such as sincerity, perseverance and competence, success is never a mirage.
    • People have nothing but praise for her commitment, dedication and perseverance.
    • Admittedly this will be a long and painful process, requiring patience, perseverance and a willingness to sacrifice.