Translation of persistent in Spanish:


continuo, adj.

Pronunciation /pərˈsɪst(ə)nt//pəˈsɪst(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (demands/warnings) continuo
    (demands/warnings) constante
    (warnings/demands) repetido
    (fog/virus/cough) persistente
    (rain) continua
    (rain) persistente
    • The persistent rain caused major floods on Monday, with the three districts of Larantuka, Lohayong and Posto - all in East Flores - being submerged.
    • Patients who have trigger points often report regional, persistent pain that usually results in a decreased range of motion of the muscle in question.
    • Unfortunately, Tuesday's camp was cancelled due to persistent rain.
    • During that time there had been persistent rain and frost.
    • Management of recurrent or persistent pain can be extremely difficult.
    • More thundery showers are predicted for tomorrow and Thursday, before persistent rain takes hold on Friday and Saturday.
    • Most interesting of all, the super-exclusive card came into being as a result of the persistent rumor that it existed.
    • In terms of pain, however, ‘chronic’ denotes persistent pain over a period of at least three months.
    • Heavy and persistent rain has been forecast for today with a risk of flooding, however only one flood warning remains in place - at Cononley near Skipton.
    • The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that 32.8 percent of the U.S. general population has persistent or chronic pain symptoms.
    • Around 20 percent of primary care patients report having persistent pain.
    • Left unattended this will progress to a persistent headache and neck pain.
    • Since seeing my doctor last month about the persistent pain in my wrist and shoulder, my wrist has recovered almost completely.
    • If the pain is persistent then surgical options are explored.
    • They couldn't finish yesterday as planned because of the persistent rain which made it impossible to do any cutting with the angle grinder outside.
    • Now the small towns seem sleepy, subject to the slower economy and the persistent rain, but then… I don't know.
    • But massive traffic hold-ups and persistent heavy rain led to visitors complaining about muddy pathways and uneven road surfaces.
    • Widespread anxiety is heightened by persistent rain and further flood warnings.
    • Constant and persistent rain is taking its toll on the city's infrastructure.
    • It is defined as persistent or recurrent abdominal pain or abdominal discomfort centered in the upper abdomen.
  • 2

    (suitor/salesman) insistente
    (salesman/suitor) persistente
    he's very persistent es muy persistente
    • persistent offender reincidente
    • Is it one of those great ideas where the parent is sent to prison if their children is a persistent truancy offender?
    • Yet, of course, Andrew was persistent and followed her in her wake.
    • But a persistent critic could argue that this showed how skillfully the participant, the caller, and the hidden accomplice had devised the deception.
    • A judge has told a persistent drink-driver to pass a medical examination before he can drive again.
    • They were very persistent and were very difficult to suppress.
    • That did not go down well with the young woman and in spite of her persistent protests, her moaning and screaming, she was released only after the feasters had their fill.
    • The Philosopher Igal Kvart has been a persistent critic of the claim that it is possible to analyze counterfactuals without using causation.
    • He has been a persistent critic of US foreign policy and the IMF.
    • The latest effort from the racially diverse band should silence all but the most persistent critics.
    • An attendance officer has been employed to work alongside the LEA's welfare service in tackling persistent truancy.
    • Now, there's a thing: ‘a persistent irritating critic; a nuisance.’
    • It seems unlikely that the York review will silence the long, persistent and mounting opposition to fluoridation.
    • Be patient and persistent in achieving your purpose.
    • The persistent critic, therefore, has a vested interest in fault-finding.
    • My persistent opposition has become a thorn in the side of the trade union leaders, because it has exposed their shameless collaboration with management.
    • I think my most persistent critic is a certain Straussian who nonetheless often circulates to others particular posts of mine that he considers particularly good.
    • The senior senator from West Virginia has been a persistent critic of the administration's justifications.
    • Second, what will happen if the media's most persistent critics go back and read the specific stories that we criticized for being one-sided or pessimistic?
    • A south Essex mum jailed for her daughter's persistent truancy today branded her imprisonment a ‘waste of time and money’.
    • Assertiveness emphasizes self-confidence and a persistent determination to express oneself or one's opinions.