Translation of personal stereo in Spanish:

personal stereo

walkman, n.


  • 1

    walkman masculine trademark
    • In fact, more and more manufacturers of personal stereos are opting for rechargeable batteries, although it's ridiculous.
    • Perhaps it's a device that can tune into other people's personal stereos, so she can listen in to their music.
    • A personal stereo with decent headphones can transform a walk or sunbathing session into a private, memorable musical experience.
    • Technology-based innovations, be they aeroplanes, cars, buildings, home banking services or personal stereos, have various component systems.
    • Like mobile phones and personal stereos these infernal objects ought not to have any place at such spiritual occasions.
    • Everyone is talking on their mobile phones or listening to a personal stereo.
    • I'm advised not to take a mobile phone or a personal stereo because I'll have to leave them outside the courtroom.
    • Today, we take for granted many electronic products such as cellular phones, digital cameras, personal stereos, and printers.
    • Here's the idea: You have one carriage per train in which the use of mobile phones, personal stereos and handheld games is not allowed.
    • It's bad luck, for example, if you want to listen to the opera on a personal stereo anywhere away from your computer.
    • Ban mobile phones on buses and personal stereos on the tube.
    • The jukebox has fallen out of favour in recent years, due to the rise in popularity of the personal stereo amongst pub-goers.
    • There are people reading books and pretending to listen to personal stereos underneath placards at every corner now.
    • So I opened the bag for him to examine; a few text books, a couple of T-shirts, a personal stereo and a notebook.
    • It's bearable though, because before work yesterday I bought myself a new personal stereo.
    • Research shows 39% of 18 to 24-year-olds listen to personal stereos for more than an hour each day, with 13% listening for two hours or more.
    • Eighty children received personal stereos as a reward for taking part and were supplied with costumes for the performance.
    • Years ago one of my cousins, who would have been about 7 or so at the time, asked me what I was listening to on my personal stereo.
    • They stole mobile phones, cash, bank cards and personal stereos.
    • For instance, we created special quiet carriages where the use of mobile phones and personal stereos was forbidden.