Translation of personality in Spanish:


personalidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpərsəˈnælədi//pəːsəˈnalɪti/

nounPlural personalities

  • 1

    • 1.1(nature, disposition)

      personalidad feminine
      split personality personalidad múltiple
      • His characters have definite personalities and aren't just generic.
      • The majority of choices in both films seem logical given the particular personalities of the characters.
      • They would have to make a character chart listing their personality and qualities.
      • There is a major resemblance in the personality traits of most trendy people.
      • This is the only way voters can assess the personalities and characters of these people.
      • A good mask should be able to express the personality of the character.
      • We've all seen her in full flow, holding the room captive with the sheer force of her personality.
      • Drawings and dialogue combine to create distinctive personalities for these birds.
      • The character design and animations go a long way to present the personalities of different characters.
      • In a vivacious woman, not necessarily a pretty one, her personality, charm and character can shine through.
      • People are drawn to their sunny personality and easygoing disposition.
      • Every character was not only given a defining gesture, stance and voice but also a distinctive personality.
      • It becomes obvious in conversation that intellect is still one of the personality traits she admires most.
      • The results are chaotic and funny as personalities clash and each character's true love emerges from his or her ordeal.
      • My emphasis was very much on the individuals and characters and personalities.
      • This is also when you can get to know the personality and character of your prospective sitter.
      • You have characters that have strong personalities, but they can do crazy things.
      • The style is determined by the personality and character of the publication, and often by the target audience.
      • Instead it is a study of the personality traits of successful people.
      • This is the bunk in which the wrong combination of personalities creates bad chemistry.

    • 1.2(personal appeal)

      personalidad feminine
      he's got a lot of personality tiene mucha personalidad
      • He had an extremely dark sense of humour and so much personality.
      • It has that sense of unassuming warm-heartedness and personality.
      • They felt Coolidge was too quiet, that he lacked color and personality.
      • On top of all that, Charles says they have bucket loads of personality.
      • They have no personality, and if you try and study them closely in the dream, you can't make out any detail on their face.
      • Not that it matters anyway: we're probably more interested in personality and passion for the role than test points.

  • 2

    • 2.1(public figure)

      personalidad feminine
      figura feminine
      • Regular columns like interviews with famous personalities allow readers to have a feel of what helped people come up in life.
      • The book's final pages are dedicated to memories of famous personalities and places that are no more.
      • There is only one possible reason for a book such as this, the autobiography of a television personality.
      • I suppose I was questioning the whole idea of what a celebrity or a personality is.
      • Much of their life is in the pages and before you ever meet these famous personalities, you know a ton about them.
      • We do not value age in our television personalities, he laments.
      • They cannot rise to become famous media personalities by ‘speaking what they often hear’.
      • But maybe we shouldn't be too surprised at the contestants' failure to develop celebrity personalities.
      • They had tons of posters, equipment and maps about famous battles and personalities.
      • How many remember the old school in which they studied before becoming famous personalities.
      • She had a fund of anecdotes and her good-humoured mimicking of personalities is justly famous.
      • On Sunday are two resort walks looking back at places associated with the early life of two of Morecambe's most famous personalities.
      • If given a chance, are there any famous movie stars or sports personalities you would like to meet?
      • Also, children may enjoy street soccer together with some famous players and personalities.
      • They were also asked to identify famous personalities, after showing their distorted picture.
      • There remains the question of the distinction between a television star and a television personality.
      • Pupils at the school have named sections of the centre after famous Farnworth personalities.
      • But would a single company be able to manage the competing egos of the print and television personalities?
      • The resort's seclusion attracted him more than the chance to see any celebrity personalities.
      • Over the last few years, the media world has lost many of its most famous personalities.

    • 2.2personalities plural(personal abuse)

      personalismos masculine
      to descend to personalities caer en personalismos