Translation of personally in Spanish:


personalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈpərs(ə)nəli//ˈpəːs(ə)n(ə)li/


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    • 1.1

      (responsible/liable) personalmente
      she wrote to me personally me escribió personalmente / ella misma
      • he feels personally insulted lo toma como un insulto personal
      • I don't mean you personally no me refiero a ti personalmente
      • After all, the corporation was created in part to protect individuals from being held personally responsible for the actions of a public entity.
      • Do we consider the individual who has an addiction problem personally responsible for the development of the problem?
      • Although it is flattering to be thought personally responsible for allowing a proven war criminal to remain in office, in the end I don't buy the fuss.
      • If the minister is personally responsible for a failing or clearly has directed a course of conduct which brings about the failing then that's another matter.
      • It is now becoming more common to hold senior managers personally responsible for their corporations' wrongdoing.
      • It's a short step to the claim that they are not personally responsible for any thinking and acting that might do harm and/or breach a law.
      • How many people want to have to be personally responsible for their elderly parents' financial well-being?
      • If there is a crime, the moral responsibility rests with the leadership, but a member of the leadership cannot be held personally responsible.
      • This proposed offence would, for the first time, make companies and senior managers personally responsible for recklessly causing the death of workers.
      • Were you personally responsible for bringing all those independent publishers together for the first time in the States?
      • Besides, an individual cannot be personally responsible for who stays in school when young teachers flee to take better-paid jobs.
      • This requires individuals to be personally responsible for maintaining separate sets of addresses.
      • A man who holds individuals personally responsible for their acts may murder.
      • The Food Safety Authority is to pursue food producers to ensure they are fully cognisant of the fact that they are personally responsible for the safety of the food they produce.
      • They are independent from their superiors because they are personally responsible for any losses that occur.
      • In Europe the poor are generally thought to be unfortunate, but not personally responsible for their own condition.
      • It is imperative for citizens to feel personally responsible and support this movement to create a healthy, green city for our families.
      • He is not personally responsible for these things.
      • Under the Corporations Law, directors who incurred debts while a company is insolvent can be held personally responsible.
      • We are all equal, and personally responsible, before the law.

    • 1.2(in person)

      do you know him personally? ¿lo conoces personalmente?
      • I would fly to Europe in order to personally select the finest champagne for you to drink.
      • The orders were personally served upon her that day.
      • It was a very proud moment for me and important for us both to thank him personally.
      • We still do not know who Aimee's donor is, but I hope to one day to be able to thank them personally for saving Aimee's life.
      • They seemed satisfied with that and Reed personally signed the order authorizing my immediate liquidation.
      • It was a massive effort and I would personally like to thank everyone who helped us.
      • But there was certainly nothing phony about the police officer who met up with her in order to personally escort her to the bank from which she received the cash originally.
      • The organisation has sent a representative to the Council chamber in order to personally register the society's concerns.
      • It's always extraordinary to be in your presence personally as we have been and even by satellite.
      • After a few minutes a small contingent marches out, escorts and a high ranking individual who must personally approve our presence.
      • He personally reviews the electronic orders doctors place and coaches those who don't get it quite right.
      • Rand had personally ordered him and the other security monitors to keep a watch on the guests at all times, except when in their rooms.
      • He is alleged to have said that all chemical weapons were destroyed, that he personally had ordered their destruction.
      • I hope you take the opportunity to personally thank each of these dedicated, passionate individuals as they represent your voice with true professionalism.
      • Timur, however, issued detailed orders for everything and personally took charge of jobs he could easily have delegated.
      • What is noteworthy is that an otherwise intelligent writer, for whom I have deep respect, would fall for such a sham of a plan just because a head of state presented it to him personally.
      • Washington remembered personally ordering that flag from a Philadelphia-area tailor.
      • I would like to personally thank a group of individuals who have gone beyond the scope of their jobs to educate, entertain and, in some cases, inspire me.
      • And I want to personally thank you for your hard work.
      • Accordingly, I needed to see an old photograph or advertisement that would allow me to personally authenticate the presence of some mythical sixties pop giant in my town.

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    • 2.1(for my part)

      personally, I can't stand him yo, personalmente, no lo aguanto
      • To begin with I would like to say that it's very sad because personally I would never speak like this about a costar.
      • But speaking personally, it has all come a little too late.
      • ‘That promise has not been kept and, speaking personally, my patience is at an end on this issue,’ he said.
      • I find it very frustrating because, speaking personally, I haven't got the faintest idea where my ideas come from, or how my imagination works.
      • But personally speaking I'd like to play as often as possible and I've just reminded him of the way I feel.
      • But personally speaking, just like any other policy, I think it will surely useful if both the legal and the credibility system are well carried out.
      • There's always tea dances, I suppose, but they're not much good if you still work during the day, and speaking personally, I don't know any of the moves.
      • Here he speaks personally and genuinely about his reaction to the work he is considering and produces one of the more refreshing moments in his book.
      • Though, speaking personally, I don't like the Halloween practice, for the most part it is harmless fun for children.
      • Well, personally speaking, I would rather keep my modest earnings under a mattress or, better still, in a TAB account.
      • He said, ‘I'm entirely behind you myself, speaking personally.’
      • They spoke personally about nuns who dedicated their lives to teaching in poor neighborhoods for little pay.
      • However, by speaking personally of his own thoughts and feelings, we see that he is also motivated by a desire to ‘make his mark’ in the world of science.
      • I have spoken personally on the deterioration in the standard of the senior hurling competition and no one wishes improvement in that area more than I.
      • Not from the legal standpoint, just personally: Should you not have treated yourself the way you have?
      • One subject he was able to speak about personally was the Sistine Chapel.
      • As such, the poem examines firsthand and historically, personally and objectively, the complex responsibility of the artist to self and environment.
      • She's isn't my type personally speaking, I prefer brunettes.
      • These students said they're personally motivated to do CAS, even though it isn't an enforced part of their program of study.
      • I have no idea as to what preference a trout might adopt but, personally speaking, I would definitely prefer the bee venom to the vacuum cleaner.

    • 2.2(as a person)

      como persona