Translation of personify in Spanish:


personificar, v.

Pronunciation /pərˈsɑnəˌfaɪ//pəˈsɒnɪfʌɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    she's kindness personified es la personificación de la bondad
    • She is and has been a tremendous asset to the organization and exemplary nursing leader who personifies the essence of distinguished service.
    • He was kindness personified in everything he did and he was incapable of uttering an ugly or offensive word.
    • His characters personify determination and inventiveness.
    • Brad was patience personified as he signed hundreds of photographs for adoring fans.
    • Boxing champions personify and exemplify every important positive quality that it takes to survive in this world.
    • The two major characters personify nearly every unsavory characteristic inherent in human nature.
    • The longer I sat there, the more he seemed to personify all that is wretched in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • To Kathleen and the children he was kindness personified and was always there to lend a helping hand when anyone was in trouble.
    • In every respect, he was kindness personified and a man of the richest and most sincere nature.
    • One of the old stock, he personified that exemplary link associated between rural postmen and the community at large.
    • Like literary writers, nineteenth-century scientists sometimes created characters to embody or personify challenging ideas.
    • The character Levi thus personifies the complexity of African diasporan religions in which many facets coexist with one another.
    • He personifies superficiality and embodies the fact that they have nothing more to say politically.
    • He personified the pure, blissful soul nature they sought and sensed as the center of themselves.
    • And the young striker was coolness personified as he swivelled and drilled into the bottom corner from 15 yards.
    • As a brilliant jockey and then winning trainer here, I think that he personifies the spirit of jump racing.
    • In their detachment and mobility, these characters personify the movements and uses of capital as they enter speculatively into representations of different cultures.
    • These heroes have served culturally and historically to personify and embody Manifest Destiny, the best of America's imaginary frontier in the flesh.
    • Reflecting our multi-faceted natures, each actor broadly personifies an element of her personality.
    • The chief characters at the centre of the two royal events personified this change of mood.
  • 2

    (represent as person)
    • In this allegory full of poetic images, wisdom is personified as a woman - a kind of hostess with the mostest.
    • In many ways it was simply another reflection of the very human tendency to personify the forces of evil.
    • It is true, as others have argued, that Byron personifies the imperial and despotic nature of Russia in his portrait of the queen, but this is only a partial rendering of a significant section of the poem as a whole.
    • The choir likewise represent not only the blessed and angels, but vices personified; they are also used as a chorus - in the sense of Greek tragedy - to comment on the action.
    • She has chosen to personify this trait in several characters in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ although it is hard to find one character who portrays prejudice alone, throughout the novel.
    • Tan created the characters of Rose, Waverly, June and Lena to personify her own questions and concerns.
    • Where nature is usually personified as a woman, and man the destroyer, here the roles are reversed.
    • Her long, thick hair, which is rendered with rubbed graphite, expands as it falls like water to the image's edge; she might almost be personifying a natural force.
    • Because prejudice is not personified I believe that it was not to be the object of Jane Austen's sharper criticism.
    • The soul, the mind, moral entities, mental functions, have always, in literature as well as in the arts and folklore, been personified in human or animal form.
    • Images of Charity personified often show a child suckling at each of her breasts.