Translation of perspective in Spanish:


perspectiva, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈspɛktɪv//pərˈspɛktɪv/


  • 1

    perspectiva feminine
    it's out of/in perspective no está/está en perspectiva
    • before noun perspective drawing dibujo en perspectiva
    • The perspective of three-dimensional objects in the two-dimensional image is dictated by the viewing geometry and the camera.
    • A pin at the central vanishing point would have been as useful here as it would for perspective drawings set out mathematically.
    • English painters had relatively little contact with Italy, and were decidedly not working in the Italian Renaissance tradition of perspective and chiaroscuro.
    • He also began studying female form and perspective in his art.
    • All that we were supposed to do was work on our perspective drawings, and largely ignore Ciappa and everyone else.
    • The work is considered a masterpiece in the use of perspective and in the portrayal of the artistic ideals of the High Renaissance.
    • There were no questions, so she launched into something about perspective drawings while we all proceeded to fall asleep.
    • He published a description of a machine to create perspective drawings and he discussed the grinding of conical lenses and mirrors.
    • This treatise on painting included a discussion of the laws of mathematical perspective for artists.
    • Underpinning the exhibition is a desire to explain and contextualise the artist's use of techniques such as pointillism and anamorphic perspective.
    • They also tried to introduce Western painting techniques like the use of perspective and the technique of displaying light and shadows.
    • She also avoided any hint of perspective, seeing painting as essentially two-dimensional.
    • Only if one accepts the claims of the naturalness of Renaissance artificial perspective can we accept photography as a mimetic representation of the world.
    • Both Manet and Ravi Varma introduce the European single point perspective of viewing the woman propped up high on cushions, looking down to confront the viewer.
    • The Shrine authorities produced elevations and perspective drawings of even the most sacred buildings in order to facilitate rebuilding.
    • The illustrations in Pacioli's work were by Leonardo da Vinci and include some fine perspective drawings of regular solids.
  • 2

    (angle, view)
    perspectiva feminine
    from a historical perspective con una perspectiva histórica
    • I'm going away for a while to get things into perspective me voy a ir por un tiempo para poder ver las cosas objetivamente
    • you have to keep things in perspective no tienes que perder de vista la verdadera dimensión de las cosas
    • that puts a different perspective on things eso cambia el cariz de las cosas
    • I tried to get a fresh/broader perspective on the issue intenté enfocar el problema de una forma nueva/más amplia
    • Furthermore, the lack of any other visual perspectives meant that the film could have been shot in Beirut, Cairo or Baghdad.
    • The surrounding Black Sea landscape serves to further intensify the already magnificent visual perspectives.
    • His landscapes offer a tilting perspective, often a view over rises or down a slope.
    • He moved around to get a long perspective view of the street.
    • The elm trees that lined both sides of the road were heavy with mid-summer foliage, and the view from the attic gave a birds-eye perspective of the neighbourhood canopy.
    • Windows had been covered, leaving only holes by which to look out at Vancouver from fixed perspectives.
    • This gives a panoramic perspective of the church as it spans across time and space.
    • As well as providing the tropical touch, banana plants add height and perspective to borders and patios and conservatory displays.