Translation of persuade in Spanish:


convencer, v.

Pronunciation /pəˈsweɪd//pərˈsweɪd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) convencer
    (person) persuadir
    she didn't need much persuading no hubo que insistirle
    • he's easily persuaded se deja convencer fácilmente
    • to persuade sb to + inf
    • he tried to persuade her to cut costs trató de convencerla de que había que reducir los costos
    • they persuaded him to give himself up lo convencieron de que se entregara
    • nothing would persuade her to change her mind nada la haría cambiar de opinión
    • to persuade sb that convencer a algn de que
    • I persuaded myself that nothing was wrong me autoconvencí de que todo iba bien
    • to be persuaded of sth/that estar convencido de algo/de que
    • Your Lordship could only give permission to appeal if your Lordship were persuaded of either of two things.
    • He seems truly to have been persuaded of the justice of his claims.
    • Efforts to persuade teenagers to stay at school had also been increased.
    • Investors have yet to be persuaded of the merits of this new tack, but they have little choice in the matter.
    • No human voice can persuade the man who believes that God is speaking in his other ear.
    • The police officers gave the couple their towels and, after persuading the uncooperative woman that her children were safe, led them outside.
    • She states that Rob was holding her hand leading and persuading her to walk along the road towards his house.
    • He stayed in the court room for around 20 minutes until a police officer arrived and persuaded him to leave.
    • The arguments and results may persuade you to change the way you coach this critical skill.
    • He said the drivers were persuaded to move their cars before the towing company arrived.
    • There was a high proportion of this electorate who are not persuaded of his leadership abilities.
    • And then there's the myth of objectivity, which persuades us that there's nothing out there to believe in any more.
    • He believes this would persuade many motorists to switch to a second-hand purchase.
    • I believe that, since he was persuaded that his initial view was wrong, he was positively obliged to alter it.
    • Two years later he persuaded her to move from Queensland to his home town of Melbourne, where he would look after her and her career.
    • After several minutes reasoning, Rachel was persuaded to give the mouse freedom in the front garden.
    • ‘I did some research and took a long time persuading Mary to take the gamble, but in January this year a dentist started removing her fillings,’ he said.
    • If you really were persuaded of determinism, the hope would collapse.
    • Under the Criminal Code, police can install a tracking device only after persuading a judge there are reasonable grounds to believe a crime has been or will be committed.
    • Hamilton seemed to be finally persuaded of the merits of taking the game by the scruff of the neck.
    • Alas, the lead singer's attempts to persuade him to remove his shirt for the ladies went down the toilet.
    • He persuaded Americans to believe not only in their power but also in the righteousness of that power.
    • Certainly, not all of Asia is yet persuaded of the value of these products.
    • She was hanging on to my arm, but one of the teachers got her to come away by persuading her to go and read a book.
    • The former is even more likely to be persuaded of the soundness of his brief.
    • It tends to persuade people who may be otherwise inclined to carry out a preventative maintenance service once a year.
    • How could I persuade her to believe me and not think I was being mental or playing a joke?
    • But we have to move on from recycling to persuading people not to take home stuff that they will throw away in short order.
    • The music persuades you to move whether you want to or not.
    • You have no idea how difficult it was to persuade him to move it back into the kitchen.
    • They only lived in Las Vegas for six months, until Jena persuaded her mom to move to Los Angeles.
    • It is easier to be persuaded of all this than to prove it in detail.
    • Why would individuals expend effort to persuade an audience about something that it already believes?
    • Her dad's efforts to persuade her to buy a computer have fallen on deaf ears.
    • Applying that standard we were not persuaded of the guilt of the employee and we could not move honestly to dismissal.
    • Surprised, the flight attendant and the co-pilot asked what he said to her that finally persuaded her to move from her seat.
    • A police negotiator persuaded the man to release the woman and child about 30 minutes after the siege began.
    • So it was quite incredible to see people willingly parade across this fiery pathway, but Cliff had done a great job in persuading us to believe that we could.
    • His agent has been trying to persuade him to move down to London, so that he will be closer to the jobs.
    • But when I ask his closest advisers whether the Prime Minister has been persuaded of this, they hum and haw.