Translation of perversity in Spanish:


obstinación malsana, n.

Pronunciation /pərˈvərsədi//pəˈvəːsɪti/

nounPlural perversities

  • 1

    obstinación malsana feminine
    • Yet the perversities of slave society bent these otherwise commendable traits into heinous pathologies.
    • And while most people are happy to keep a sensitive condition under wraps, some delight in the perversity of its exploitation.
    • Its mix of rational deduction and wild credulity, coupled with recklessness and topped with a dollop of sheer perversity, captivated her.
    • Aside from the perversity of putting the government in charge of teaching the next generation of voters, it distorts housing markets beyond recognition.
    • In keeping with the cosmic perversity principle, it is the hardest cases that we find most interesting.
    • Meanwhile, the diaries reveal a later life of flamboyant perversity.
    • There is a gorgeous perversity in the idea of a woman forced to a blush by the reality of her own naked body.
    • Perversity — or would-be originality — alone could declare Jonson's tragedy preferable to his comedy.
    • The services of the Jews were thus secured for the city but safely kept at the periphery, the traditional receptacle of all evil and perversity.
    • It doesn't take long for the scab of small-town wholesomeness to be picked off, revealing the perversity festering underneath.
    • When they fell into disuse I kept them out of perversity more than anything else, resisting change.
    • They use perversity to create a false impression of profundity.
    • The Brasserie was of particular interest because of the perversity of its location: in the windowless basement of the premier glass-and-steel building of the modernist era.
    • It was characteristic of his perversity that he left his name upon nothing that he made, with one exception.
    • Dr. Moreau attempts to create a higher being, but merely creates sad perversities, parodies of both human and animal.
    • Or worse: lest we fall afoul of future generations of scholars who may claim not only error, but even perversity, in our work.
    • In the 19th century, the church denounced this secularisation of moral values as the perversity of liberalism, which it condemned and against which it fought.
    • The basic intimation of his book is a profound sense of loss animating every artificiality and perversity.
    • But insane libertarians and promoters of polymorphous perversity have no answer.
    • This is not based on a perversity or a dislike or fear of women.