Translation of pessimistic in Spanish:


pesimista, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌpɛsɪˈmɪstɪk//ˌpɛsəˈmɪstɪk/


  • 1

    to be pessimistic about sth ser pesimista con respecto a algo
    • The pessimistic and even the dark side of society should also be explored, or at least part of it.
    • Scriptures based on true revelations are never melancholy, pessimistic, or depressing.
    • Most are pessimistic that a sustainable deal will be reached and expect the dispute to escalate.
    • Challenge the reality of your pessimistic or negative thought.
    • In his last years, perhaps under the strain of illness, Lenin's writings took on a dark, pessimistic tone.
    • Contrary to what it might seem this is not a fatalistic or a pessimistic approach, but a realistic one.
    • His films have become increasingly gloomy and pessimistic, even morbidly so.
    • As she wanders, her thoughts become more and more pessimistic and she begins to reflect on life and grows depressed.
    • I don't like being pessimistic - I think that, generally, life is getting better for most people.
    • One can only hope that such a gloomy view is unduly pessimistic.
    • This year, the most pessimistic forecasters expect another 180,000 jobs to go.
    • Pessimistic people are more likely to ignore a lucky situation when it presents itself.
    • It would be too painful and pessimistic not to hope and believe in you.
    • A spokesman for the 13 workers involved in the dispute said they felt pessimistic about the prospect of a settlement.
    • Civil War combat had hardened him to a pessimistic expectation of repeated failure.
    • Yet the prevalent mood at the end is not pessimistic or despairing but upbeat, in spite of the devastation.
    • Industry analysts are pessimistic about Ansett's prospects of raising the required capital.
    • The most pessimistic observers believe everything is stacking up for a crash.
    • Pina is also pessimistic about the prospects for more accurate media coverage of Haiti.
    • Dixon also accused him of being unduly pessimistic about the prospects for renewable energy.