Translation of pestilence in Spanish:


pestilencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛstɪl(ə)ns//ˈpɛstələns/



  • 1

    pestilencia feminine
    • Either the folk had died in the fire, died of the pestilence, or fled at first breath of either.
    • The physician's challenge is the curing of disease, educating the people in the laws of health, and preventing the spread of plagues and pestilences.
    • He argues that there is clear evidence for the pestilence having been plague, rather than other diseases that have been suggested such as anthrax.
    • He ordered the nearby swamps and marshes in the city of Salinus to be drained, in order to prevent an unknown pestilence, probably malaria.
    • The pestilence that destroyed so much of our agriculture industry has left a long shadow, and no one would claim that everything today is back to normal.