Translation of petrified in Spanish:


muerto de miedo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛtrəˌfaɪd//ˈpɛtrɪfʌɪd/


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    muerto de miedo
    • They looked petrified to do anything, let alone be creative.
    • The softly-spoken, petrified child on the line was 12-year-old Emily Earp.
    • However, politicians are still petrified of being accused of being too soft on drugs.
    • When we arrived in Athens I was petrified as the customs officer interrogated Tim for about 20 minutes.
    • Pregnant turtles, too petrified by the commotion to wade ashore at night, are being forced to lay their eggs in the sea, where they cannot hatch.
    • A Director of Nursing learns of a records falsification by a young nurse, who is petrified of having made a mistake.
    • Conventional wisdom would be to go up and talk to her, but I'm petrified of failure.
    • The petrified audience was locked in the room.
    • I was indoors at the time and petrified.
    • I grabbed it off the floor and discovered that it was unhurt, but petrified.
    • Their children are petrified, they say.
    • As the petrified old man shouted out in shock, the driver just said nothing and simply drove around him and sped off.
    • She said after his death she had been petrified.
    • "To be honest," she whispers, "I was petrified, I was terrified."
    • I was always petrified - there don't have to be terrorists.
    • I was petrified of leaving home after that, and didn't do so for ten days.
    • I was shocked and petrified at what I saw.
    • He became petrified of germs, heights, the dark, crowds, even milk.
    • I seriously can't cope with them - I'm petrified.
    • I remember seeing three fires on the landscape below, and I was just petrified.
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    • There are now three bedrooms, each one different, including an attic room where guests sleep underneath a dozen petrified beams.
    • I saw with my own eyes that wooden frames, used to support the mine, were becoming petrified.
    • It was in a frozen state, not in petrified state.
    • Figures 24-26 are postcards advertising three petrified wood localities in the Dakotas.
    • They will study fossilized spike prints, old gloves preserved in amber and petrified bats.
    • Along with a fossilized bag of flour for the bread, there's a petrified ham for the filling.
    • They find themselves on a stark, dead planet surrounded by a ruined landscape and petrified flora and fauna.
    • I found some pieces of agate and petrified wood.
    • It looked to me like petrified wood.
    • The hills are the remains of petrified reefs, which resist weathering better than sedimentary limestone.
    • Behind that there is, encrusted with petrified straw, a wooden box.
    • The path features giant petrified redwood stumps and outcrops of fossil-bearing shale.
    • She points to a baking tray of aubergines, curling and charred like petrified wood.
    • When its content is high enough, the penetrated wood acquires the characteristics of petrified wood.
    • Just off the road, the Aztec sandstone outcrops at Redstone Picnic Area are actually petrified sand dunes.
    • In petrified specimens, cellular details are lost with the organic material of the cell wall.
    • One is a petrified log of wood 200 million years old.
    • Petrified wood and fossils are evident during backcountry hikes away from the river, but remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints.
    • Riding through a homogenous ocean of petrified clay, we arrive at a remote campsite set within a cluster of trees.
    • Cycad fragments can be easily overlooked as petrified conifer wood.