Translation of petrify in Spanish:


aterrorizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛtrɪfʌɪ//ˈpɛtrəˌfaɪ/

transitive verbpetrifying, petrifies, petrified

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    • There were so many dogs, I was petrified of getting bitten - I think I've broken the record for a lap around that park.
    • He is the oldest brother, and I went to him many, many times, for advice when I was petrified to go talk to my dad.
    • Spotting a snake in the grass is never simple, but it's easier to do, it seems, if you're petrified of serpents.
    • However, politicians are still petrified of being accused of being too soft on drugs.
    • Obviously we were petrified that a collector would find out where the nest was and raid it.
    • The police have given Mr Bernasconi a panic alarm for his house but he says he is petrified to go out.
    • Her hair was turned into a mass of poisonous snakes and her general appearance became so horrifying that anyone who looked upon her was petrified with terror.
    • Conventional wisdom would be to go up and talk to her, but I'm petrified of failure.
    • Now he is petrified of fireworks and the noise they make and was prompted to write to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph about his fears.
    • She is absolutely petrified and too afraid to leave her own home.
    • ‘We were petrified he was going to use the gun,’ she said.
    • As a matter of fact, she was petrified of people informing her of things she had done wrong, even if it came with suggestions on how to improve.
    • But I'm also petrified of joblessness, insecurity, and drastic changes happening all at once.
    • Being young, I was petrified of sitting in the car as it went through the car wash.
    • I am petrified of heights and last year did an abseil which I found really scary.
    • Now my daughter is absolutely petrified of fireworks and of the noises they make.
    • He enjoyed a long career in engineering, particularly involving locomotives, but as a child was petrified of trains.
    • You are petrified of letting people see how vulnerable you can be and have a very bad case of stage fright.
    • Although I was petrified of my father, I'd still sneak it in and my grandfather would smack me on the back of my head as my father gave me the eye!
    • My mother is petrified of hospitals and with all the recent bad press I think the look on her face at A&E said it all.
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    • The chemical components used to artificially petrify wood can be found in natural settings around volcanoes and within sedimentary strata.
    • As the ham was petrified within ‘historic time’, it was excluded on the basis of the first of these definitions from being called a fossil.
    • The charcoal had kept the hull dry and the salt had petrified it.

intransitive verbpetrifying, petrifies, petrified


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