Translation of petrology in Spanish:


petrología, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈtrɑlədʒi//pɪˈtrɒlədʒi/


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    petrología feminine
    • Although their ages are correlative with the Parana Volcanic Province magmatism, the geochemistry, petrology and isotopic compositions of the Salta Rift magmas show different source regions and petrogenetic processes.
    • The petrology of British Palaeocene igneous rocks shows that the asthenosphere was unusually hot and that the lavas were produced by fractional crystallization of larger volumes of melt near the Moho.
    • Integrated studies of metamorphic petrology and structural geology constitute a powerful tool for understanding the tectonic evolution of the inner zones of orogens.
    • We combine field relations, structural geology, petrology, thermobarometry and geochronology to interpret the tectonic evolution of the Everest Himalaya.
    • Geochemistry and petrology of the turbidites suggest deposition in a forearc basin.