Translation of petty in Spanish:


insignificante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛdi//ˈpɛti/

adjectivepettier, pettiest

  • 1

    (details) insignificante
    (details) nimio
    petty crime delito menor masculine
    • petty thief ladronzuela
    • I will not be ordered about by some petty clerk no voy a dejar que me dé órdenes cualquier empleaducho de mala muerte
    • I knew that Holly understood my reasons no matter how pathetic or petty they might seem to be.
    • Harmony is created when we treat one another, and ourselves, with respect and when we put aside our petty concerns for the good of the whole.
    • She didn't understand why she was upset over a petty matter such as this.
    • Then there are the petty differences in industrial standards and regulations from country to country.
    • He listened to all her problems, no matter how petty and insignificant, and offered solutions, never once laughing.
    • It diminishes the importance of real problems if they are lumped together with petty complaints.
    • This states that everyone, no matter how petty the circumstances, is allowed to receive a personal audience with the Queen to ask for her opinion on the matter.
    • The level of petty detail pursued by island officials calls to mind Hannah Arendt's phrase, the ‘banality of evil’.
    • I've already experienced, in a very minor way, the petty rules that are an everyday fact of life in Iran.
    • Your father and my husband began to have problems with each other, regarding petty matters of business.
    • This snooty imagery is aided by the fact that the band are still teenagers and sing about the sometimes petty concerns of their age.
    • She was afraid he'd find her silly for becoming so upset over such a petty matter.
    • It is perhaps because these matters are so petty and trivial in appearance that they afford so excellent a training.
    • Though he strongly disagreed with it, Undran had been known to explode once in a while towards petty matters such as scratches on car doors or streaks on the windows.
    • The workers said the dispute was also about an arrogant management culture and petty rules and regulations.
    • For that matter, why these petty distinctions between clothing and food, sporting goods and home decor?
    • Let the good that he did live after him, and the evil be interred with the petty theses of small-minded philosophers.
    • When I wasn't talking to Reger, I was dealing hundreds of small petty matters concerning the ceremony.
    • I was also tempted to go out to my car and get my gloves but felt that the gloves were a minor and petty concern when there was a missing cat.
    • They must ignore politicians who thrive on petty and sensational matters.
  • 2

    (attitude) mezquino
    come on, let's not be petty about it ¡no vamos a discutir por una nimiedad!
    • it was rather petty of you not to shake hands with her no fue muy magnánimo de tu parte no querer darle la mano
    • No matter how childish, no matter how petty or wrong she'd been I was always on her side.
    • The world of the film swings between petty, spiteful, foolish and resigned.
    • Even in the advertising industry, it seems that you have to show small-minded, petty acts of vandalism to get noticed.
    • As such, he is the object of much spiteful envy and petty jealousy from members opposite.
    • It was a petty tactic to try and dupe the officials and undermine a generally well natured game.
    • If there were any complaints to be made, they might seem minor, personal and at times even petty.
    • If you disagree with Berlind's points then by all means criticise, but low blows at his use of language are petty and unnecessary.
    • I complain that the human race is often small minded and petty.
    • Call it small minded and petty, or just a harmless example of traditional rivalry, but the majority of Scots will take great pleasure in watching England under-achieve in the Far East.
    • Surely Mother Nature meting out carnage on such a grand scale shows just how petty and futile man-made squabbles really are.
    • This whole saga has shown Central Government at its very worst - combining unnecessary meddling, pointless organisational change and petty spite.
    • More widely known for its petty squabbles and back-biting, the women's game closed ranks in support of Morariu.
    • By the time I reached home I had to admit that I'd been small, petty and spiteful.
    • Envy is one of the worst feelings in the world because it's petty and spiteful.
    • But Chaudhuri insisted that neither his views, nor any one else's, would have caused Nehru to wreak a petty act of revenge.
    • Aren't we all, too much into trivial matters and petty thinking and driven by insatiable greed?
    • It seems petty, no matter your feelings about religion, not to value any expression of concern.
    • The president's closest advisor recklessly betrays a state secret for petty revenge.
    • One whinge that may be a bit petty concerns the thermal paste.
    • Dropping the appeal to the privy council was a matter of petty nationalist self aggrandisement.