Translation of petulant in Spanish:


de mal genio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛtʃələnt//ˈpɛtjʊl(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (person) de mal genio
    (person) irascible formal
    (frown) de niño caprichoso
    he became petulant because he couldn't get his way se enfurruñó porque no se pudo salir con la suya
    • His reputation is that he's only interested in winning and that he's a petulant loser.
    • I cycled off, leaving him to glower after me like a petulant teenager.
    • Though personally brave, he was petulant and totally lacking in judgement - a mere shooting star.
    • The film reveals him as a petulant child, given absolute authority!
    • It's all because I am consumed by trying to make it work right away, like some petulant child.
    • Sometimes she reminds me of a petulant child holding its breath to get its way.
    • By midnight, he was pouting like a petulant kid being kept after school.
    • He was petulant all day and was earlier booked for mouthing-off at the referee.
    • I can also become unpleasant and then behave like a petulant child.
    • At the same time, he was given to sobbing and rages like a petulant child.
    • They can simultaneously be revered as heroes on the park and behave like petulant children in the street.
    • This all makes for incredibly depressing viewing, not helped by Pfeiffer's petulant, sulky, scowling presence.
    • But now he was behaving like a petulant child and she simply could not imagine what had gotten into him.
    • Like a petulant child you indulged your temper, but you did so using that most dangerous of weapons, a car.
    • They were so refreshing compared to the petulant teenagers she was around all morning.
    • Iaina pouted, resembling a petulant child instead of the full grown woman she was.
    • After all, she is a teenage girl and they tend to be somewhat melodramatic, whiny and petulant.
    • Mattie had come in like some petulant kid and thrown himself in a corner.
    • He had his arms folded and was sneering like a petulant brat.
    • She's as assertive and capable as he is petulant and out of his element.