Translation of phalanx in Spanish:


falange, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪlæŋks//ˈfalaŋks//ˈfælæŋks/

nounPlural phalanxes

  • 1

    Military History
    falange feminine
    • An hour earlier, phalanxes of police officers had closed in on peaceful sidewalk protestors, forcing them into the street and herding them helplessly away.
    • We make our way slowly out of the field and along the side of a small country road, passing a phalanx of police officers dressed in riot gear.
    • And there was little beauty, if some nobility, in the famously effective Greek phalanx.
    • The Macedonian phalanx was Philip's creation, extended by Alexander.
    • Dozens of pro- and anti-Estrada protesters had to be held back from near the main entrance of the court, where a phalanx of policemen were on guard and steel barricades had been erected.
    • We were two blocks from the police phalanx moving up the street toward us and pushing the Free Carnival Area of the Americas ahead of them.
    • The Romans entered Macedonia, and the Macedonian phalanx fought its last battle on unfavourable ground at Pydna, on the morrow of the lunar eclipse in June 168.
    • He was moved through the media scrum surrounded by a phalanx of Dallas police officers.
    • Sixteen thousand of them he organized into a massive phalanx, even dressing them in Macedonian style.
    • It demonstrated the superiority of the more flexible Roman legion over the Hellenistic pike phalanx.
  • 2plural phalanges /-ændʒiːz/

    falange feminine
    • A calcined distal first phalanx was recovered from Unit B, Level 2, while Unit E, Level 4 contained a calcined distal third phalanx.
    • A single manual phalanx is shown on the first digit of the fore foot, although it is possible, or even likely that none of the manual phalanges were ossified.
    • Two specimens, a distal two-thirds of a central metapodial and a complete proximal phalanx, are those of a large felid.
    • Occasionally the fifth digit has only one crease because of a small middle phalanx.
    • Extensor pollicis brevis arises from the radius distal to abductor pollicis longus and inserts onto the base of the proximal phalanx of the thumb.