Translation of phallic in Spanish:


fálico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfælɪk//ˈfalɪk/


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    phallic symbol símbolo fálico masculine
    • Weapons carried by the gang are shaped into huge phallic symbols, demonstrating a sense of vigorous male power or animal instinct, manifested in behaviour like the marking of territory.
    • The last piece is Louise Bourgeois' Fillette, a phallic object combining male and female elements.
    • Equally, the power of corporate towers is manifest in up-looking, phallic worship, and in the motherly (that is, custodial) surveillance of the world below.
    • Shiva is also the god of fertility and is mostly worshipped in the phallic symbol called Linga.
    • If the sports car is considered some sort of phallic substitute or symbol, then the quad bike is equally emblematic.