Translation of phase in Spanish:


fase, n.

Pronunciation: /feɪz//feɪz/


  • 1

    • 1.1(stage)

      fase feminine
      etapa feminine
      (of an illness) fase feminine
      (of insect development) fase feminine
      the phases of the moon las fases de la luna
      • it's just a phase you're going through ya se te pasará
      • As the peace process enters its final phase I think we can be hopeful about its outcome.
      • The club's new pitches and dressing-rooms were in the final phase of development and it was envisaged that they would be completed by May, 2004.
      • With this letter, we enter a new phase of the nomination process, in which the opponents have something very substantial to talk about.
      • Spined soldier bug adults are strong fliers and, during responsive phases of their life cycle, will fly toward the pheromone from considerable distances.
      • Regardless of the method used, the final phase of the research process is disseminating the findings.
      • In the first phase of his reform process, he has directed each institution to come up with two or three major projects that can be completed by December.
      • This marks the third and final phase of the development process, decline in development intensity.
      • Most fungal genomes are haploid in the predominant phases of the life cycle; gene redundancy is observed but is not common, and pseudogenes are rare.
      • Over the study period, two distinct phases could be discerned with respect to population numbers of different age/size classes.
      • All businesses go through distinct phases of development, and each shift presents new challenges.
      • The fifth phase, the final development of the project, will feature semi-detached houses.
      • ‘We are in the administrative phase of the process at the moment, where we are getting the bones of the business together,’ Mara said.
      • The final phase of the planning process is orders production, which centers on developing the CHS casualty treatment and evacuation plan.
      • The new-technology approach also places the design control requirements into the appropriate phase of the development process.
      • The PHA document is updated as necessary throughout the early phases of the development process.
      • The first phase of the development process will involve the department's planning and building unit publishing a discussion paper on a target areas.
      • The Taiwanese economy has gone through three distinct phases of development.
      • Wheat crops should be managed to have a leaf canopy sufficient to intercept most of the sunlight during the final phases of development: ear emergence through to the end of grain fill.
      • The country hopes to pass the next key threshold of 25 chapters and reach the final phase of the negotiation process, he said after the meeting.
      • Although agriculture is still caught in the grips of industrialization, corporatization is the final phase of the industrial process.
      • These findings confirm the existence of two distinct phases in vegetative development.
      • Volvox carteri, like all related green flagellates, is haploid in all active phases of the life cycle, which greatly facilitates isolation of mutants.
      • Floods cue fish to spawn, for instance, and trigger certain insects to begin a new phase in their life cycles.
      • Once a blockbuster had made a solid purchase on a block, it was relatively easy to complete the final phase of the blockbusting process.
      • Males in the fanning phase of the nest cycle use their pectoral fins to fan the surface of the nest, do not add algae to the nest, and do not spawn with visiting females.

    • 1.2(state)

      fase feminine

  • 2

    to be out of/in phase estar desfasado/sincronizado

transitive verb

  • 1

    (do in stages)
    (construction/development) escalonar
    (construction/development) realizar por etapas
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  • 3

    (increase/withdrawal) progresivo
    (withdrawal/increase) gradual
    (traffic signals) sincronizado