Translation of philander in Spanish:


Pronunciation /fəˈlændər//fɪˈlandə/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    ir detrás de las mujeres
    correr detrás de las mujeres
    a philandering husband un marido mujeriego
    • There is, however, one class of married man that should be free to mislead and philander as they wish: guys who were strong-armed into buying expensive engagement rings for their wives.
    • He spent a lot of his life philandering, that is to say, cheating on my mom, making her insanely miserable.
    • Hubert philanders openly with Sonia, while Henri and Ines are in the bedroom trying to shut the child up.
    • His parents quarreled, his father drank and philandered and, when Wilson was 10, left the family for another woman.
    • The naïf in this case is gorgeous Leslie, whose fiancé Logan philanders with Agnes while expecting Leslie to be faithful.