Translation of philanthropic in Spanish:


filantrópico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌfɪlənˈθrɒpɪk//ˌfɪlənˈθrɑpɪk/


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    • His family enjoys the goodwill of doing philanthropic services through a charitable trust for decades.
    • For much of our history medical care was delivered by religious organisations or philanthropic individuals and institutions.
    • Mr Bains said NRIs were making many philanthropic investments for social welfare and community projects.
    • If you feel philanthropic, find a charity that matches your interests.
    • Service learning often relies on a notion of volunteerism, charity or philanthropic effort.
    • Because you're a business, you're not a charity, you're not a philanthropic body.
    • Mittal's donation will propel him into the ranks of Britain's most philanthropic citizens.
    • There are also a few nice unexpected touches, such as a list of the benefits of making a donation to charity or some other philanthropic gesture.
    • But she's a philanthropic person - her charitable foundation's done a lot of work.
    • With any luck, a few of these philanthropic people will also help others a bit closer to home.
    • He is also actively involved in the Grove Foundation, a private philanthropic organization.
    • Many financial contributions to universities are philanthropic and truly generous in nature.
    • There are philanthropic organizations that raise money from the public and channel it to needy parents.
    • Dr. Shetty is convinced that young doctors are becoming philanthropic, charitable, and spiritual.
    • But he made it a priority to be very, very philanthropic, very generous with his own money.
    • They were scheduled at a meeting of the Gill Foundation, a philanthropic human rights organization.
    • The sincerely philanthropic Kraft's generosity isn't spread evenly in some cases.
    • The couple - let us call them Henry and Julie - have devoted their lives to public service and philanthropic causes.
    • He is involved in numerous other charities and philanthropic causes.
    • The family was philanthropic; a large bequest to the University of Melbourne created its Baillieu Library.