Translation of philharmonic in Spanish:


filarmónico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌfɪlərˈmɑnɪk//ˌfɪlhɑrˈmɑnɪk//ˌfɪlhɑːˈmɒnɪk/


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    the Vienna Philharmonic la Orquesta Filarmónica de Viena
    • the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra la Orquesta Filarmónica de Viena
    • It also has a philharmonic orchestra and a host of annual folk music festivals held in different cities.
    • He was recently invited to perform with the youth philharmonic orchestra, but declined in order to continue touring with the family.
    • Central to all this choral music were the philharmonic societies that sprang up in most major cities around Europe.
    • The incredible score and music that adds so much atmosphere was provided by Michael Giacchino and the LA philharmonic orchestra.
    • Three weeks ago, I was playing with the philharmonic orchestra in Rotterdam!
    • Venezuelan Victor Hugo won a competition at the tender age of 12 to perform in a philharmonic choir.
    • She played second violin in a philharmonic orchestra that happened to be visiting my town.
    • From the classical to pantomime, from light operatic to sacred music, philharmonic orchestras to brass bands, musicals to pop, week by week Bolton displays its culture.
    • The introductory song was a philharmonic piece, featuring a full orchestra together with choral accompaniment.
    • I played with the New York philharmonic orchestra.
    • Under general director Sami Caner, the parent center also sponsors a chamber orchestra and a full-scale philharmonic orchestra.
    • First, a musical overture with a philharmonic orchestra numbering around 60 musicians, and then 36 dancers, les Rexgirls, came on stage.