Translation of philosopher in Spanish:


filósofo, n.

Pronunciation /fɪˈlɒsəfə//fəˈlɑsəfər/


  • 1

    filósofo masculine
    filósofa feminine
    the philosopher's stone la piedra filosofal
    • So far as we know, Socrates was the first philosopher to make prominent the question of how to live well.
    • Plato has a claim to be the first philosopher to establish philosophy as a subject.
    • Conferences of philosophers on determinism and freedom aren't the same as they used to be.
    • Do any of you know of any philosophers that seem to be more or less Buddhist in outlook?
    • The noun Dasein is used by other philosophers, by Kant for example, for the existence of any entity.
    • Some philosophers contend that death is a harm inasmuch as it thwarts a central desire: to stay alive.
    • Some of them tried to replace religion by a secular morality that owed much to the German philosopher Kant.
    • The philosopher Hannah Arendt concluded that evil lay in the refusal to think.
    • So philosophers take the risk of nihilism and existential dread because the allure of wonder is too great.
    • Zeno was a pupil and friend of the philosopher Parmenides and studied with him in Elea.
    • Descartes, of course, was not the first philosopher to view the body with disdain.
    • It seems to me that philosophers are often criticized for always demanding rational explanations.
    • Some philosophers will find implausible the claim that contextualism is the cure for relativism.
    • Future generations may or may not judge Wittgenstein to be one of the great philosophers.
    • As is the hallowed custom with philosophers, the thinking of all of them is by nature unhistorical.
    • German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer was one of history's great pessimists.
    • I need to brace myself before I throw myself at the modern continental philosophers.
    • The primary source is what scientists and philosophers have said about scientific method.
    • Spinoza the philosopher emerged in his true colours through the work of Schelling and Hegel.
    • Some philosophers say they do not know what the thesis of determinism is.