Translation of phone book in Spanish:

phone book

guía, n.



  • 1

    guía feminine
    guía telefónica feminine
    guía de teléfonos feminine
    directorio masculine Southern Cone Latin America
    • Apparently, the first floor failing clothing store owner, in an act of desperation, set a phone book on fire and took a little walk.
    • Check the front pages of your local phone book where community services are listed.
    • A genuine caller will not mind if you call their company - using the number from the phone book, not their ID card.
    • I looked in the phone book and located a pancake house down the street from the Marina Motel.
    • My advice is to stick to the phone book or use BT's free online directory service, which allows up to ten searches per day.
    • The phone book is one of the dullest books in the world (let's face it, there's not a lot of plot).
    • A friend in London went to my house and located my phone book.
    • We're going first to find as many telephone numbers and addresses as we can for those people who are already in the phone book.
    • You can get a list from your local aging office, or check the phone book under senior services.
    • I stumbled upon this in the phone book while looking up video stores that might stock obscure and ancient titles.
    • The first thing he did was look up Wong (his family name) in the Vancouver phone book.
    • No, sorry - either I've forgotten it or you're probably not in the phone book.
    • I looked up the bus company's number in the phone book and dialled.
    • The kiosk, set in a cobbled area next to cottages, boasts a vase of flowers on the shelf where the phone book used to be, a carpet and a waste paper basket.
    • Others come from remote sources such as the phone book or physicians who supply your name from a list.
    • I just turned off the TV, grabbed my potpie out of the oven, and picked up a phone book.
    • When a business is new and not yet listed in the phone book, every effort should be made to create easy identification.
    • Yeah, I just got the new phone book in the mail and I have a problem with it.
    • I used to use a bank that pointedly did not have listed phone numbers for any of its branches in the phone book.
    • We called every Swindon pub listed in the phone book and most are planning to stay open an extra hour or two at weekends and special occasions.