Translation of phosphorescence in Spanish:


fosforescencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌfɒsfəˈrɛs(ə)ns//ˌfɑsfəˈrɛsəns/


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    fosforescencia feminine
    • A beautiful hole, but it was still a hole when you stripped away all the velvet and phosphorescence.
    • At times the sea was glittering with phosphorescence, and when dolphins appeared around Pindar at that time, they left silver streaks in the water like Walt Disney characters.
    • I stared silently out the window as an eerie aura of phosphorescence crowned the long rows of waves crashing onto the beach under the moonlight.
    • He would watch for the telltale disturbance of phosphorescence in the water which meant the fish were rising on the ebb tide.
    • Sunset faded and the mainland lights fell away, surges of phosphorescence began to show.
    • Europa achieves ecstatic permanence in phosphorescence, which originates only due to light from another source, just as myth propagates itself: by tapping into innate human eros.
    • The lighting uses silhouettes and phosphorescence that give figures and flying coats a garish glow, and none more memorably than the small witch-like figure suspended on high in the second half before she falls and flashes to the ground.
    • Since that time, phosphorescence has been used to describe substances that shine in the dark without burning.
    • The I.V. stand is dragged along like a broken mast, its medicine bags glowing like ocean phosphorescence; rising from the water, as in a horror movie, a tentacle wields a syringe and a human hand proffers a dripping bottle of pills.
    • It was peaceful: the waves slapping against the hull, the ocean aglow with cold, blue phosphorescence - almost a net of glittering cyan and light.
    • Now only the stars have been netted in the casuarinas and the surf snarls with eerie phosphorescence as if glowing with spectral fires.
    • It was just like Goa - picturesque, abounded in clean beaches, where, because of phosphorescence, waves glow on a full moon night, and provided a sense of tranquillity.
    • A large cavern, lit only by the faintest glimmer of phosphorescence, was exposed, a vast lake in the centre.
    • We journeyed out to the Lions Gate Bridge; on the way back, the ocean's phosphorescence electrified our strokes.
    • The place they flew through was eerie, lit only by lightning and the faint phosphorescence of the clouds themselves which both above and below formed a curving tunnel.
    • Ancient runic lettering on the wall shone clearly yet legibly, some eerie phosphorescence at work; and the dome… pure, sparkling, it needed no lamp to herald its majesty.
    • Another boat chugged past and at that moment our world exploded in hissing silvery blue, the sea whisking and shining in a turmoil of a bustle of fish and phosphorescence, like coins gleaming in a dark, still pool.
    • This was similar to the flame of a big blue slow moving torch, that had a steady slight wind blowing on it, that made the leading edge wobble and warp in a slow fluttering motion, with the changing gun-blue phosphorescence.
    • A sparkling phosphorescence blossomed out through the water from where they hit the water, and the pool was lit with a strange iridescence.
    • The water about them glowed with a strange green phosphorescence.