Translation of phosphorous in Spanish:


fosforoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑsfərəs//ˈfɒsf(ə)rəs/


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    • For example, in the iron and steel industry, the search for methods to neutralize the deleterious effects of phosphorous iron ore not only produced technological change, it also made the range of useable ore inputs endogenous.
    • Lipid spots were identified using a standard phosphorous stain.
    • The on-call Explosive Ordnance Disposal (bomb-disposal) diver was CPO Diver Andy Carss, who had earlier that day safely disposed of a phosphorous flare found on a beach in Norfolk - one of six such incidents this week.
    • The methyl halide can be produced by reacting methanol with phosphorous halides, hydrogen halides, or, in the case of methyl chloride, thionyl chloride.
    • Fig.6 shows the pair radial distribution functions between ions and the phosphorous and nitrogen atoms of the headgroup.