Translation of photoreconnaissance in Spanish:


reconocimiento fotográfico, n.

Pronunciation /ˌfoʊdoʊrəˈkɑnəsəns//ˌfəʊtəʊrɪˈkɒnɪs(ə)ns/


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    reconocimiento fotográfico masculine
    fotoreconocimiento masculine
    • During World War II, optical photoreconnaissance was the answer to finding and destroying military targets through optical images and bombsights - changing the way modern wars are fought and, thus, the course of history.
    • On the same day as the Israeli photoreconnaissance, signals intelligence intercepted an order from the Egyptian high command to break the Ramadan fast, a sure sign that something extraordinary was about to occur.
    • The Fanhui Shi Weixing recoverable satellites were originally developed for photoreconnaissance but now are also used for remote sensing.
    • The declassified record shows a major emphasis on planning for timely photoreconnaissance to corroborate human intelligence reports.
    • However, during the air assault, many commanders learned that these teams and photoreconnaissance could only provide a partial picture of the enemy situation.