Translation of phraseology in Spanish:


fraseología, n.

Pronunciation /ˌfreɪziˈɑlədʒi//ˌfreɪzɪˈɒlədʒi/


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    fraseología feminine
    • This phraseology, Lakoff argues, implies first that tax is a burden or a virulent disease which cries out for a cure.
    • More often, Carson employs a sort of linguistic camp: a phraseology that is obviously exaggerated or out of place, but which is meant to be relished for that very reason.
    • But most readers can probably recognize the cloying phraseology as self-serving.
    • Sure enough, he is attempting to ‘keep a lid on things’ - part of his staple phraseology.
    • Such phraseology is needed if one wants to name things without calling up mental pictures of them.
    • Hardy's rhetoric allows the critic to overlook the simple wrongness of Tess's act, and mask it in a neutral phraseology more appropriate to suicide or death by natural causes than homicide.
    • Though the phraseology is a bit confusing, the technique is relatively simple.
    • There is no science of cookery possible without a correct phraseology.
    • Even in social circles there are serious attempts to change some words and phraseologies to remove the connotations that these terminologies have acquired over a long time.
    • I know that my phraseology and way of putting things is sometimes a bit direct.
    • This phraseology is open to numerous interpretations, and hopefully the yet-to-be published regulations will provide assistance to employers.
    • My phraseology was perhaps too colloquial and informal - I was trying to pay them a compliment for getting the story.
    • Note the cautious phraseology, which implies that these could have nothing more than a placebo effect: if you think a treatment is doing you good, then you may well perk up a bit anyway.
    • So I was strict, marking the Custer manuscript heavily, lacing into its phraseology, conception, and organization.
    • The phraseology might have been a bit offside, though.
    • On the air since January 2, it is, to use the cliched phraseology, a television show with a difference in the sense that it has Ruby playing a double role in all the episodes.
    • ‘The phraseology used in the past is not going to disappear because of the new guidelines,’ he said.
    • This phraseology cannot be very assuring to the Karzai government.
    • We know that he valued Kierkegaard and Schopenhauer, and one of the most wonderful of his later poems raids Coleridge for its closing phraseology.
    • So spare me your showy concern for sensitivity by using the appropriate phraseology.