Translation of pickup in Spanish:


camioneta de reparto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪkʌp//ˈpɪkˌəp/


  • 1also pickup truck

    camioneta de reparto feminine
    furgoneta de reparto feminine
    camioneta feminine
    furgoneta feminine
    • He parked the pickup on the side of the street, and got out.
    • While there were four-wheel-drive vehicles that predated the military Jeep, they were mostly highly specialized trucks and pickups.
    • It dominated the enormously profitable market for pickups and sport-utility vehicles.
    • A lot of momentum is going into crossover vehicles and four-door pickups.
    • The calf was then lowered over the side of the pickup to the ground.
    • The lane is subjected to daily traffic from automobiles, loaded pickups, dump trucks, and tractor-trailer trucks.
    • The popularity of pickups as pleasure vehicles has led to the development of luxurious features and accessories, fueling sales growth.
    • In photographs from the early twentieth century, field crews cluster around buckboard wagons or Model T Fords, replaced in more recent photos by weathered pickups and four-wheel-drive vehicles.
    • Commercial automobile insurance covers owned, leased, non-owned, and hired automobiles, such as vans, pickups, and buses used at your facility.
    • It had a neat yellow paint job and a black satellite dish bolted to its roof, and the driveway was packed with three late-model vehicles - two extended-cab pickups and a 30-foot motor home.
    • Meanwhile, sales of high-polluting sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks and vans boom.
    • Nearby, police found a pickup truck on its side with 17 rocket launchers and a crude firing mechanism inside.
    • On the other hand, pickups and SUVs have become more capable as tow vehicles over the years.
    • They may be work trucks, but pickups needn't be laborious to drive, the No.2 auto maker maintains.
    • Some of these accessories are acquired to prevent damage to the bed or sides of a pickup.
    • Although the park is claimed to be off-limits to motorized vehicles, several city-owned trucks and pickups were seen driving around.
    • Camels contended in the narrow streets with armored vehicles, pickups with oversized wheels, and late-model luxury cars.
    • There you'll most likely see examples from two very competitive North American segments - midsize cars and compact pickups.
    • These days, about half of those vehicles are SUVs, pickups and mini-vans.
    • I leaned against the door on the passenger side of the pickup, as far away from him as I could get.
  • 2

    (by taxi, bus, truck)
    I've got two pickups to make tengo que pasar a recoger dos paquetes (or a dos personas etc.)
    • before noun pickup point lugar de recogida
    • Unionized truckers have also refused to cross to make deliveries or pickups.
    • That is, he can schedule, by the hour, equipment delivery and pickups at a project that best fits construction schedules.
    • Carpets cleaned and rolled and pre-positioned for easy pickup stood beside stacks and mounds of linens and bedding and pillows and a host of other household goods.
    • We inflated our AIRSAVE flotation vests, jumped in the balmy 64-degree water and awaited pickup.
    • It's best to take outgoing mail to the post office, especially if it contains checks or important documents, rather than leaving it outside your front door for pickup.
    • When they signaled for pickup, the crew chief talked the pilot down to a 30-foot hover and started hoisting.
    • The object is to go around collecting pickups within increasingly difficult time limits.
    • I realized today that if I lived in a house instead of a condo and had weekly trash and recycling pickups to worry about, I probably wouldn't let the newspapers and plastic bottles pile up in bags for weeks without taking them downstairs.
    • We decided that in the future, when a truck returned from a pickup, we would put all the boxes in a temporary holding area marked by a cone.
    • It was leading edge in Canada and it included a team of flying doctors who traveled with the aircraft, making pickups throughout the province, bringing the patients to the tertiary care centers in Winnipeg.
    • Most dealers offer delivery and pickup of large equipment and, except for very large equipment, do not require an operator's license.
    • Their driver then moves to the terminal for pickup.
    • The Park Service provided all ground transportation, including pickup from the Airport, 30 miles away.
    • Never leave mail for pickup at home or at the office; take your outgoing correspondence directly to the post office or drop it in a USPS mailbox.
    • Customers will purchase the mailers from frame shops and use them to ship damaged photos or certificates via the shipping company's drop box or home pickup.
    • Nevertheless, he disconnected, swam to the survivor, checked him for injuries, and signaled for pickup.
    • Back then, messenger companies would lump all the pickups and deliveries together on one invoice.
    • When the bags are full, or sooner if it takes a long time to fill one, they should be securely closed and stored for pickup by the hazardous waste disposal company.
    • You're assuming I'm in favor of municipal trash pickup.
    • According to Judy's story, the trash pickup netted 90-100 bags of trash.
  • 3

    repunte masculine
    mejora feminine
    • In the bad old days of the inflation-wracked 1970s and 1980s, any pickup in prices was something to be feared.
    • Moreover, they are not overly worried about a pickup in inflation, even if the recovery arrives earlier and turns out to be stronger than they expect.
    • A pickup in the economy, a rise in interest rates to improve fixed income returns, and a recovery in the stock market should make everything better.
    • With inventories so low, the coming pickup in demand will have to be met with a rise in production.
    • Business is flat and no customers have said they see a pickup in business anytime soon.
    • Shareholders say they've heard that before, and they're looking for help in figuring out when the shares will rise ahead of a pickup in sales.
    • Likewise, a pickup in retail sales is likely to trigger hiring at store chains, where 19,000 jobs were lost in the third-quarter.
    • But many analysts are concerned that growth could fade without a pickup in hiring.
    • The October producer and consumer price indexes suggest at least a small dollar-related pickup in inflation outside of energy and food.
    • After all, consumers can't possibly keep leading this recovery without a pickup in job growth, can they?
    • She said this pointed to a pickup in the permanent IT recruitment market next year.
    • Still, the lack of a pickup in buying has eroded profits and forced the computer makers to eliminate thousands of jobs this year.
    • There could also be a pickup in credit off-take in the second half of the fiscal, which should improve the bank's core earnings.
    • Fed officials in recent speeches have said they don't expect a pickup in the economy before next year.
    • Despite a pickup in the retail and real-estate sectors, confidence in the economy remains stubbornly elusive.
    • Shipping firms also benefited from a pickup in demand.
    • If long-term rates rise with a pickup in the economy and increasing demand for capital, the bonds will lose value.
    • It is true that there has been a pickup in some of the indicators of capital goods spending.
    • State higher-education construction, as well as other categories, will benefit from a pickup in state general-fund revenues.
    • More broadly, our results show no clear or necessary relationship between a pickup in jobs lost to trade and weakness in the U.S. labor market.
  • 4

    • 4.1US Audio Music

      cápsula feminine
      pastilla feminine
      • That noise is only apparent when you play 78s on an electrical pickup, which amplifies the scratch along with the music.
      • The pickup uses a nude elliptical diamond stylus.
      • The pickup is where it all starts, and can be a difficult purchase, especially when you realise that the things have, relatively speaking, a limited lifespan compared with the other components in a system.
      • The net result is that whenever the stylus is in the groove of rotating record the pickup is subjected to an additional inward force.
      • Use a good quality turntable to play the LP. The pickup cartridge should be properly aligned and the stylus should be in good condition and clean.

    • 4.2also pickup armBritish Audio Music

      pick-up masculine
      brazo (del tocadiscos) masculine
      fonocaptor masculine formal

    • 4.3Audio Music
      (on musical instrument)

      pastilla feminine
      • Recording a five-string Fender bass with active pickups, I switched the impedance to 47k.
      • The quarter inch plug which runs from the amplifier to the guitar is electrically wired to the pickups.
      • We began to find new pickups and microphone systems for the cellos that allowed us to be loud without feedback.
      • So, the noise of the toy gets amplified by your guitar pickup?
      • The guitarist wanted to track the sound of the guitar's piezo bridge pickup and the acoustic sound simultaneously.

  • 5slang

    ligue masculine informal
    levante masculine South America informal
    before noun pickup joint bar de ligue masculine informal
    • He liked betting with friends in regards of who of them came up with the best pickup line, or about who of them gathered more telephone numbers in one night out.
    • Date rapes have occurred at every stage of involvement, ranging from a pickup in a bar to a first date to a steady relationship.
    • Spike and Bob have challenged listeners to call in and give Lauren their best pickup lines.
    • There's no doubt exactly what's on Mitchum's mind, whether he's eyeing up a pickup in a bar or breaking an egg in his fist and smearing the yolk over the mother's shoulders and neck.
    • It seems that she should use a better strategy for finding a husband than some pickup in a bar.
    • Tired of the cheesy pickup lines you hear while hitting the bar circuit?
    • What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?
    • How do I explain to my children that Dad was nothing more than a pickup in a bar?