Translation of pictorial in Spanish:


pictórico, adj.

Pronunciation /pɪkˈtɔriəl//pɪkˈtɔːrɪəl/


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    (representation) pictórico
    (account/history) en imágenes
    (history/account) gráfico
    (magazine) ilustrado
    • The solution was illustrated through a rich pictorial representation with icons representing computers, databases, and organizational functions.
    • In addition to the display of vegetables, flowers and produce, there will be a pictorial exhibition depicting the club over its 25 years.
    • Their collection of photographs contains a pictorial history of the hilly district.
    • She stumbled across these pre-1947 charts with pictorial representations and corresponding captions of ‘India before Independence’.
    • Student sketches may then be incorporated into an illustration or a pictorial theme of their own choosing, or even a textile print.
    • Twelve illustrations, taken from pictorial representations in the Tracts, help establish the flavour of the period.
    • The last panel, the pictorial panel, illustrates the specific hazard.
    • The publishers have also been extremely fastidious in their selection of the book's 325 illustrations, providing a pictorial record spanning over a century and a half.
    • For the Chinese, both the ideographic script and pictorial representation functioned as graphic signs that expressed meaning.
    • The text was written first and he made a pictorial illustration from it.
    • I believe that reading children's pictorial books that depict the ancestry of different continents with children can make global education meaningful.
    • The machine gives shapes to pictures, maps, graphs etc., thereby helping the visually challenged to ‘read’ the pictorial representations.
    • I wanted a pictorial representation of my home, but I didn't want to spend ages carefully preparing shots.
    • The following is a pictorial representation of the typical contents of my lunch bag.
    • However, to pursue such an essentially pictorial question, illustrations and text need to be integrated.
    • The paintings are a pictorial representation of women in various forms and through different channels drawing out the meaning and nuances of each stroke.
    • The painting is one of the few pictorial representations of one of the greatest figures in Scots history.
    • The prose is illustrative but not an illustration-its pictorial interest should be sufficient ‘above all in itself’.
    • This could indicate that the pictorial representation based on the picture was more effectively compared to a following picture than the pictorial representation based on a sentence.
    • Early pictorial representation, using graphic symbols, reads both horizontally along register lines and vertically in an open field in the picture surface.