Translation of picture in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpɪktʃə//ˈpɪk(t)ʃər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(representation, drawing, diagram)

      the book has no pictures el libro no tiene ilustraciones
      • to draw a picture of sth dibujar algo
      • one picture is worth a thousand words una imagen vale más que mil palabras

    • 1.2

      (painting) cuadro masculine
      (painting) pintura feminine
      (print) cuadro masculine
      (print) lámina feminine
      (portrait) retrato masculine
      to paint a picture of sth/sb pintar algo/a algn
      • he wants to paint our picture nos quiere pintar / retratar
      • the book paints a gloomy picture of … el libro pinta un cuadro sombrío de …
      • as pretty as a picture
      • the village was as pretty as a picture el pueblo era de postal
      • she's as pretty as a picture es preciosa
      • picture framer enmarcadora
      • picture hook gancho para cuadros
      • picture library archivo de imágenes
      • He then moved to Nigeria, where he lived for nearly 25 years, working as a magistrate and a high court judge and painting pictures of people he met.
      • The walls were filled with pictures of birds, drawings, art, and anime.
      • You can ask the children to create a different ending to the story or draw different pictures to illustrate what they have read.
      • How could these critics of Raphael's unrealistic depictions of the world turn around and paint endless pictures of Ophelia?
      • He told us that he loved hockey, baseball and drawing pictures.
      • Animation is the time-consuming art of drawing pictures in sequences, which, when viewed rapidly, simulate motion.
      • The girl has to stay at home in front of the table every day, drawing pictures and dreaming of going to school with her peers.
      • Less than 100 pages of text, pictures and figure drawings are divided into ten chapters of unequal length.
      • ‘It's simple,’ he explains, going to the whiteboard and drawing pictures frantically.
      • There are pictures, drawings, and even boxes with additional information.
      • If you buy the upgrade package the cartoonist will draw pictures of the characters in your book, talking about you.
      • This won't do," the wife thought, and she went to town to have her picture painted.
      • The various pictures, drawings and paintings had their captions in Irish.
      • Martin's pictures are mostly pen-and-ink drawings with occasional additions of watercolour.
      • A table was provided with paper and writing materials, as well as marker pens for drawing pictures.
      • We've probably seen a picture or a portrait of them, or some depiction, which passes for a portrait.
      • His remarkable piano recitals and penchant for drawing detailed pictures are characteristic of someone with the condition.
      • Drawing pictures are top of her list of favourite things at school.
      • He writes and prints in periodicals verses, drawings and reproductions of pictures which he draws with a brush held in his mouth.
      • Starting at 9am, practise your drawing skills by painting Easter pictures to add to your Easter holiday memories.
      • It was not unusual to be called out of the shop, and see a fair lady who wanted her picture painted.
      • Drawing pictures or making statuettes is also unique to us humans.
      • More than a dozen original pictures (both drawings and paintings) of the dodo now exist.
      • Those who were gifted at drawing or painting might contribute a picture.
      • What about drawing pictures and leaving them in people's letterboxes?
      • In fact, Goya was still painting pretty pictures of milkmaids and saucy profiles of his mistress.

    • 1.3(photo)

      foto feminine
      to take a picture of sth/sb hacerle una foto a algo/algn Spain
      • we had our picture in the paper nuestra foto salió en el periódico
      • A friend send me some amazing pictures of 3D pavement drawings.
      • I need a photographer, since I can't take pictures of my face very well.
      • The use of long lens photography to take pictures of people in private places without their consent is also forbidden.
      • Those days, photographers rarely went to studios to take pictures.
      • This camera was controlled by children via the Internet to take pictures of space which were then downloaded into the classroom.
      • A photographer was also summoned, to take pictures of the happy residents living in their sophisticated surroundings.
      • The photographers want to take pictures of you and your mother together.
      • The photographer wants to take pictures of me with my laptop.
      • A production photographer wants to take pictures of us next to the famous Emmerdale sign.
      • It was time for our actual wedding photographer to take pictures of us and various family members, so we just started doing that.
      • Many church members have photographic equipment to take pictures and shoot video.
      • The father of one of her friends is a photographer, and he had planned to take pictures of a group of them in their long dresses.
      • Today, most people ask portrait photographers to take pictures of them and their families.
      • Speed cameras currently only take pictures of the number plates of speeding cars.
      • A photographer arrives and wants to take pictures of me in the Gallery.
      • Realising that it would make me look as if I had something to hide, I gave in and just let the photographer take pictures of me.
      • Press photographers were there to take pictures.
      • Following the reticent trend of the day, he declined to talk to the press and asked photographers not to take pictures.
      • And so I asked her if I could take pictures of her for my photography class.
      • Cars are routinely checked, cameras take pictures of licence plates and details of the ownership of a vehicle are matched with the driver.

  • 2

    panorama masculine
    it was a similar picture across the border el panorama era similar al otro lado de la frontera
    • that's not the whole picture esa es una visión parcial del asunto
    • the big picture la gran prespectiva
    • to come into the picture
    • Bill wants to know where/how he comes into the picture Bill quiere saber cuál es su papel en todo esto
    • what she thinks doesn't come into the picture at all su opinión no viene al caso
    • to get the picture
    • you're not welcome here, get the picture? aquí no eres bienvenido ¿entiendes / te enteras?
    • just read this, you'll soon get the picture léete esto, enseguida te harás una idea
    • to put sb in the picture poner a algn al tanto (de la situación)
  • 3

    idea feminine
    you get a totally different picture from these figures estas cifras te dan una idea / una impresión totalmente distinta
  • 4

    imagen feminine
  • 5

    • 5.1(movie)

      película feminine
      • This is an older film, and like many foreign films, done on a smaller budget than a Hollywood picture.
      • In the last two weeks, we've watched two of the classic film noir pictures: Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice.
      • To compete in the packed world of independent film, a picture has to be creative and clever.
      • It has deservedly won the best picture Golden Globe and will no doubt inspire a new generation to read Virginia Woolf.
      • Filmmakers have been to the Arctic before, shooting action pictures.
      • Both pictures salute the David Lynch school of film, with their penchant for blending reality with dreams.
      • We fell in love, then she went to France to do a picture for Alain Resnais called La Guerre est finie with Yves Montand.
      • There are extensive production notes that describe the huge tented in area used to film much of the picture.
      • There is a rule of thumb amongst movie buffs: the more scriptwriters the worse the picture.
      • They seem a little too satisfied with the changes they made, but sound like they had fun filming the picture.
      • The picture is free of film defects and artifacts, making for a very smooth look.
      • Some action pictures should dump the script and have the actors shoot at each other.
      • Bardot started working in pictures that year, getting bit parts in obscure films.
      • The one flaw, in my opinion, is that they didn't separate out studio releases from art house pictures.
      • The only action in his war picture occurs at the very beginning of the film.
      • The included featurette on the filming of the picture is a nice bonus.
      • Steven uses things that he learned from independent films and from foreign films back into studio pictures.
      • This is not intended as an action picture, so don't go expecting fast-paced montages.
      • The picture spawned several sequels aimed at the teenage horror market.
      • Dinosaur becomes the first Disney animated picture in years not to feature any songs.

    • 5.2British (cinema)

      the pictures el cine
      • to go to the pictures ir al cine
      • Pippa enjoys kick-boxing, bowling, going to the pictures, pubs and clubs.
      • Going to the pictures was a real treat in every way.
      • She's been chilling out, listening to music, going to the pictures, reading a lot.
      • The day of going to the pictures or circus for that special occasion has long gone, and now every child wants a bouncing castle to share with their friends for that big day.
      • It's relaxing and pleasant - but so is going to the pictures or for a walk in the woods.
      • This was the start of going to the pictures with my Grandma.
      • But apart from that, I like hanging out with my mates and going to the pictures.
      • I like to swim, BBQs and fishing around the lake and going to the pictures.
      • Perhaps, you should go back to the VCD rental shop or forget about the whole business of going to the pictures.
      • It is a far cry from first half of the 20th century when going to the pictures was an integral part of a town's social activities.
      • Whereas I don't think I would feel that now if I were going to the pictures a lot.
      • They were rowdy and shouting - they weren't interested in going to the pictures, they were looking for a fight.
      • In Karen's book, long-time resident Eva tells of going to the pictures.
      • I told her when that happened I'd quit going to the pictures.
      • It was then that mothers kept their children from going to the pictures on Saturday afternoon.

  • 6

    • 6.1(embodiment)

      imagen feminine
      he looks the very picture of health es la viva imagen de la salud
      • He's the picture of his father, he's a bonny young Irish boy.
      • She's the very picture of her. I saw it at once. When I first went into the room I could hardly believe my own eyes.
      • "He's the picture of his old sire, Lazzarone," he continued, looking the horse over critically.

    • 6.2(beautiful sight)

      espectáculo masculine
      doesn't she look a picture? ¿no está preciosa?

transitive verb

  • 1

    I can just picture her es como si la estuviera viendo
    • I can't quite picture myself with a baby no me veo con un niño
  • 2

    the minister, pictured here next to … el ministro, que aparece en la foto junto a …