Translation of picture-perfect in Spanish:


de ensueño, adj.

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    de ensueño
    • But I can't say we didn't try to have that picture-perfect Christmas season.
    • We wanted each person on our inaugural flight to have a picture-perfect vacation, and what better way to start their trip?
    • It has been virtually a picture-perfect career.
    • Her straight, medium-length, blonde hair glistened, and her baby blue eyes and sweet red mouth were picture-perfect.
    • He is the picture-perfect intellectual, born and bred in an ideal home where Christmas always comes with a tree and lots of presents.
    • Tender, picture-perfect macarons are not easy to make.
    • Vicariously, through their family snapshots, which he processes and greedily copies for himself, Sy gets his fix of the picture-perfect family.
    • In retrospect, I remember the quirks about the day and how not everything was picture-perfect.
    • The premise itself is startling: the show follows four women characters through their seemingly picture-perfect lives in an ideal suburb.
    • Above is the image of a picture-perfect family.
    • Maine's coast is picture-perfect in autumn - sparkling blue water, rocky cliffs and colorful foliage punctuated by evergreens.
    • He figured he'd come back to the old picture-perfect family he had left.
    • She needn't lift a perfectly manicured finger; she's the quintessential, picture-perfect first lady.
    • It was a picture-perfect example of a heterosexual mating call.
    • My picture-perfect family was… well, as picture-perfect as usual.
    • He lives in the picture-perfect place that doesn't have crime, poverty, or ugliness, Mitch thought apprehensively.
    • Immediately I am captivated by this picture-perfect creature before me, and I find myself wondering if he is even real or if I have begun to hallucinate.
    • And in the center is an outdoor café bustling with twentysomethings so picture-perfect I look around to see if a film crew is shooting a commercial.
    • When this picture-perfect Cotswolds village inn was ‘new’, Elizabeth I was still on the throne and Shakespeare was just starting to make a name for himself.
    • Self-described perfectionists may be adept at getting things done at work, but when it comes to marriage the story is not so picture-perfect.