Translation of picture hat in Spanish:

picture hat

pamela, n.



  • 1

    pamela feminine
    • The spirit of a garden in Tangier, overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar is to be found in the ghost of the lady who created it, still to be seen wandering about its paths on summer evenings dressed in picture hat and dust coat.
    • Once when I was eleven my father bought me a pink velvet suit and a picture hat and I was ecstatic.
    • Balmain styles were luxurious, with credits to the 1950s in slim suits and dresses, and wide picture hats.
    • She had on a very becoming picture hat, and looked very pretty indeed, and he looked fine and handsome in the tailormade suit, and they were on their way soon, on the wedding journey.
    • She has been standing - in sparkly high heels - behind her counter since 1987: a light-reflecting marvel in a gauzy dress, faux jewels and a mauve picture hat.